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davehunt commented Jul 22, 2011

A new CAPTCHA was pushed to staging, causing the tests to fail. It has now been removed, and I have updated the tests so they no longer attempt to locate it.

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Merge pull request #2 from davehunt/remove-captcha
Removed CAPTCHA from registration form

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vivekkiran added a commit to vivekkiran/qmo-tests that referenced this pull request Apr 8, 2014

Updated outdated Requirements to latest Versions
PyYAML 3.11 (2014-03-26)
Source and binary distributions are rebuilt against the latest versions of Cython and LibYAML.

fix issue22 – during interpreter shutdown don’t throw an exception when we can’t send a termination sequence anymore as we are about to die anyway.
fix issue24 – allow concurrent creation of gateways by guarding automatic id creation by a look. Thanks tlecomte.
majorly refactor internal thread and IO handling. execnet can now operate on different thread models, defaults to “thread” but allows for eventlet and gevent if it is installed.
gateway.remote_exec() will now execute in multiple threads on the other side by default. The previous neccessity of running “gateway.remote_init_threads()” to allow for such concurrency is gone. The latter method is now a no-op and will be removed in future versions of execnet.
fix issue20: prevent AttributError at interpreter shutdown by not trying to send close/last_message messages if the world around is half destroyed.
fix issue21: allow to create local gateways with sudo aka makegateway(“popen//python=sudo python”). Thanks Alfredo Deza for the PR.
streamline gateway termination and simplify proxy implementation. add more internal tracing.
if execution hangs in computation, we now try to send a SIGINT to ourselves on Unix platforms instead of just calling thread.interrupt_main()
change license from GPL to MIT
introduce execnet.dump/load variants of dumps/loads serializing/unserializing mechanism.
improve channel.receive() communication latency on python2 by changing the default timeout of the underlying Queue.get to a regular None instead of the previous default -1 which caused an internal positive timeout value (a hack probably introduced to allow CTRL-C to pass through for <python2.5 versions).
extended ssh-syntax to allow passing of command line args, e.g. “ssh= -p 50 hostname”. The options are passed to the underlying ssh client binary. Thanks tundish.
fix issue15: interoperability with inspect.getstack(). Thanks Peter Feiner.
fix issue10 : skip PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE test if it we are running with PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE set.
dont try the jython pid fixup on a RemoteIO
avoid accidentally setting exc_info() in
introduce execnet.dumps/loads providing serialization between python interpreters.
group.remote_exec now supports kwargs as well
support per channel string coercion configuration now reads correct amounts of bytes from nonblocking fd’s
added a dont_write_bytecode option to Popen gateways, this sets the sys.dont_write_bytecode flag on the spawned process, this only works on CPython 2.6 and higher. Thanks to Alex Gaynor.
added a pytest –broken-isp option to skip tests that assume DNS queries for unknown hosts actually are resolved as such (Thanks Alex Gaynor)
fix issue 1 - decouple string coercion of channels and gateway
fix issue #2 - properly reconfigure the channels string coercion for rsync, so it can send from python2 to python3
fix issue #9 - propperly terminate the worker threadpools in safe_terminate
fix issue #8 - no longer kill remote pids locally on jython ssh gateways
refactor socketserver, so it can be directly remote_exec’d for starting a socket gateway on a remote

pytest ChangeLOG
requests 2.2.1 changelog
beautifulsoup 4.3.2
py 1.4.20
UnittestZero 0.1.8
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