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davd Weir authored and craigcook committed Jan 31, 2013
1 parent 1877a7c commit 7200b55f16dd9fbff4fe1a6ce92847e93dc3aab1
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@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
<p id="copyright">Copyright &copy; <?php echo date('Y'); ?> Mozilla. All rights reserved. | <a href="" rel="external">Privacy Policy</a> | <a href="" rel="external">Legal Notices</a></p>
<p>Portions of QMO content are &copy; 1998&ndash;<?php echo date('Y');?> by individual contributors.</p>
<p>Some content available under a <a href="" rel="external license">Creative Commons license</a></p>
+ <p><a href="" rel="external">Our code is on Github</a></p>
<?php if (get_page_by_path('about')) : ?>
<p><a href="<?php echo get_permalink(get_page_by_path('about')->ID); ?>"><?php echo get_page_by_path('about')->post_title; ?></a></p>
<?php endif; ?>

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