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=== Breadcrumb NavXT ===
Contributors: mtekk, hakre
Donate link:
Tags: breadcrumb, breadcrumbs, trail, navigation, menu, widget
Requires at least: 3.7
Tested up to: 4.0
Stable tag: 5.1.1
License: GPLv2 or later
Adds breadcrumb navigation showing the visitor's path to their current location.

== Description ==

Breadcrumb NavXT, the successor to the popular WordPress plugin Breadcrumb Navigation XT, was written from the ground up to be better than its ancestor. This plugin generates locational breadcrumb trails for your WordPress powered blog or website. These breadcrumb trails are highly customizable to suit the needs of just about any website running WordPress. The Administrative interface makes setting options easy, while a direct class access is available for theme developers and more adventurous users.

= Translations =

Breadcrumb NavXT distributes with translations for the following languages:

* English - default -
* Russian by Alexander Samsonov
* Catalan by Christian Eduardo
* German by Daniel Lang
* French (France) by Emmanuel Beziat, Erwan Lescop, and Serge Rauber
* Turkish by Hakan Er
* Czech by jakubmachala
* Norwegian (Bokmål) by Jan Rosvoldsve
* Danish by Joachim Jensen
* Lithuanian by Johannes Rau
* Spanish (Spain) by Karin Sequen
* Portuguese (Portugal) by Luís Rodrigues
* Estonian by Martin Orn
* Swedish by Patrik Spathon
* Dutch by Renée Klein
* Italian by Tamara Balestri
* Finnish by Ville Pilvio
* Chinese (China) by Amos Lee

Don't see your language on the list? Stop by [Breadcrumb NavXT's translation project]( "Go to Breadcrumb NavXT's GlotPress based translation project").

== Installation ==
Open the appropriate file for your theme (typically header.php). This can be done within WordPress’ administration panel through Presentation > Theme Editor or through your favorite text editor. Place the following code where you want the breadcrumb trail to appear.
`<div class="breadcrumbs">
    <?php if(function_exists('bcn_display'))
Save the file (upload if applicable). Now you should have a breadcrumb trail on your WordPress powered site. To customize the breadcrumb trail you may edit the default values for the options in the administrative interface. This is located in your administration panel under Settings > Breadcrumb NavXT.

Please visit [Breadcrumb NavXT's Documentation]( "Go to Breadcrumb NavXT's Documentation.") page for more information.

== Changelog ==
= 5.1.1 =
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where attachments and their parents have the same link when 'link current item' is enabled.
* Bug fix: Pass the same parameters into the widget title and (pre) text filters as the default WordPress widgets.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where PHP warnings would be thrown on author pages for authors that do not have any posts.
* Bug fix: Reduced severity of `$post` global not being of type `WP_Post`, will silently exit on non-WP_DEBUG enabled sites.
= 5.1.0 =
* Behavior change: `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_post()` now expects to be passed in a valid WP_Post object.
* Behavior change: `breadcrumb_navxt::version` changed to a constant to allow uninstantiated access of the plugin version.
* New feature: Support Google's RDFa Breadcrumbs microformat by default.
* New feature: Added `bcn_opts_update_prebk` filter.
* Bug fix: Validate HTML5 options on tab traversal.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the settings importer parsed the version string incorrectly.
* Bug fix: Added 'typeof' to list of valid HTML tag attributes.
* Bug fix: Prefixed all taxonomies with 'tax_' to prevent name collisions.
* Bug fix: Added ID to Post and Taxonomy Term Elements in `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_root()` as is done everywhere else.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue with `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_author()` returning the incorrect user under some circumstances.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where saving twice on a tab in the settings page would cause the next page load to open the general tab rather than the current tab.
* Bug fix: Added bcn_breadcrumb_template filter back into `bcn_breadcrumb::set_template()`, was a regression in 5.0 from 4.4.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the included widget did not check against default settings, causing PHP Warnings to show up on the frontend under some circumstances.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where we didn't handle `WP_POST::has_archive` correctly when it was a string, causing issues with CPTs generated by some plugins.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the default taxonomy selected for a CPT could be a non-public taxonomy.
* Bug fix: Attachments get their own title within the settings page now.
* Bug fix: Filter the title and pre text in the widget.
= 5.0.1 = 
* Behavior Change: Notify multisite users when settings may be overridden by the network settings and vice versa.
* Bug fix: Updated tab style to match WordPress 3.8 look and feel.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::display_list()` would produce multiple instances of the class attribute.
* Bug fix: Fixed several issues with the uninstaller.
= 5.0.0 =
* Behavior Change: Moved `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::trail` to `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::breadcrumbs`
* Behavior Change: When WordPress is in multisite/network mode, the settings set in the network settings page take priority over subsite settings.
* New feature: Added `bcn_breadcrumb_trail_object` filter.
* New feature: Added `bcn_li_attributes` filter.
* New feature: Added `bcn_breadcrumb_types` filter.
* New feature: Added Network Admin Settings page.
* New feature: Added `xmlns:v` and `property` to the valid tag attributes.
* Bug fix: The current_item breadcrumb for search results should result in a valid HTTPS link when appropriate.
= 4.4.0 =
* New feature: Added `bcn_breadcrumb_url` filter.
* New feature: Add resource ID to the `bcn_breadcrumb_title` filter.
* New feature: Added `bcn_breadcrumb_template` filter.
* New feature: Added `bcn_allowed_html` filter.
* New feature: Added `bcn_template_tags` filter.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where invalid characters could end up in URLs due to other plugins.
* Bug fix: Revise the allowed HTML for breadcrumbs in the trail.
= 4.3.0 =
* Behaviour change: Home and Mainsite titles were removed.
* Behaviour change: All HTML capable strings are now passed through wp_kses.
* New feature: Added bcn_breadcrumb_url filter.
* New feature: %title% and %htitle% now are replaced with the the "Site Title" for the home breadcrumb and the "Network Name" for mainsite breadcrumbs.
* New feature: Support for the proposed Theme Hook Alliance tha_breadcrumb_navigation filter.
* New feature: Added %ftitle% and %fhtitle% tags that are not affected by bcn_breadcrumb::trim().
* Bug fix: Minor tweaks to the tabs in the admin page to better support the new version of jQuery UI tabs (in WordPress 3.5+).
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where initial settings were not being translated due to the text domain not loading.
* Bug fix: Added verbiage to clarify what the "Post Parent" selection for "Post Hierarchy" does. 
= 4.2.0 =
* Behaviour change: Date archives are only available for the 'post' post type.
* New feature: All Custom Post Types can now either use a post parent, or taxonomy based hierarchy.
* New feature: Post Format archives are now supported.
* New feature: Reorganized settings page with more responsive elements.
* Bug fix: Widget will now display properly when told to include the paged breadcrumb on the main posts archive.
* Bug fix: Using flat taxonomies as the post hierarchy no longer causes extraneous breadcrumb templates to be applied.
* Bug fix: Mainsite link now works on posts and pages in multisite environments.
* Bug fix: `bcn_breadcrumb::title_trim()` no longer cuts HTML encoded characters.
* Bug fix: `bcn_breadcrumb::title_trim()` no longer trims the title when the title length is equal to the max length.
= 4.1.0 =
* Behavior change: Made the behavior of posts using flat taxonomies match the behavior of using a hierarchical taxonomy when the post is not assigned a taxonomy term.
* New feature: Custom Post Types that are hierarchical can now fall back to a taxonomy if they don't have a parent.
* New feature: Pretext option for the included Widget, allows 'You are here:' type messages in the widget.
* Bug fix: Textdomain was changed to the correct one in the widget.
* Bug fix: Textdomain was changed from 'breadcrumb_navxt' to 'breadcrumb-navxt' for improved compatibility with the new GlotPress translation flow.
* Bug fix: Fixed cause of PHP warnings on empty term archive pages.
* Bug fix: Fixed cause of PHP warnings on term archives restricted to a specified post type.
* Bug fix: Fixed cause of PHP warnings and improper behavior on author archives if showing the page number in the breadcrumb trail.
= 4.0.2 =
* New feature: Estonian translation added props to Martin Orn.
* New feature: Azerbaijani translation added props to Zaur Bayramov.
* Bug fix: Replaced deprecated RDFa and Microformat breadcrumbs with breadcrumbs support in the included sidebar widget.
* Bug fix: Mainsite breadcrumbs are linked once again.
* Bug fix: Safe default settings for CPTs and taxonomies should work now.
* Bug fix: Updated translations should work, previously the old ones loaded.
= 4.0.1 =
* New feature: Norwegian translations added props to Jan Rosvoldsve.
* Bug fix: Fixed line 591 and line 646 errors in multisite installs.
* Bug fix: Attachments will now obey the root page setting for their parent, regardless of the parent's post type.
= 4.0.0 =
* Behavior change: Prefix, suffix, and anchor settings have been replaced with templates for all breadcrumb types.
* Behavior change: `bcn_display_nested` function was removed from the main plugin. Will appear in a supplementary plugin.
* Behavior change: Import/Export/Reset tab moved under the admin bar Help menu.
* Behavior change: Paged breadcrumbs are enabled in the default settings, among other subtle changes.
* New feature: More useful Help menu, utilizing the new WordPress 3.3 Help menu.
* New feature: True URLs are now generated for current items when link current item is enabled.
* New feature: The display of the custom post type archive breadcrumb for custom post types may now be disabled.
* New feature: Added in fallback functions for PHP's multibyte character string functions for environments that do not have multibyte character support.
* Bug fix: Custom post type archives now respect the root page setting.
* Bug fix: Custom post types without WordPress post archives enabled will no longer cause a double root page breadcrumb to be generated.
* Bug fix: Tabs on the settings page are now rounded for all "modern" browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and IE9.
* Bug fix: Tabs on the settings page are now remembered between setting saves (including multiple saves from within the same tab).
* Bug fix: Fixed another cause of the "The following settings were not saved" error message.
= 3.9.0 =
* Behavior change: Settings can not be saved, imported, or exported until any necessary settings updates and/or installs are completed.
* New feature: Support for WordPress 3.1 custom post type archives.
* Bug fix: Displays a warning message in the WordPress dashboard if PHP version is too old rather than trying to deactivate and dieing on all pages.
* Bug fix: Fixed a potential cause for the "options not saved" error.
* Bug fix: Fixed bug where the "Blog Breadcrumb" was not obeyed on archives.
= 3.8.1 =
* Bug fix: Root pages for custom post types should work again.
* Bug fix: The post_post_root and post_page_root not being saved warning when saving settings should be fixed.
= 3.8.0 =
* New feature: Error reporting added for some errors that may occur during a settings save.
* New feature: Custom post types may use dates as their taxonomy type.
* New feature: New display_nested function to facilitate support for Google's Breadcrumbs RDFa and Microformat.
* New feature: Paged display works for all post types now (was previously restricted to archives).
* Bug fix: Fixed a few cases where Breadcrumb NavXT may cause PHP warnings.
* Bug fix: Automatically deactivates if PHP version is tool old rather than just displaying warning message.
* Bug fix: Custom post types that are not associated with any taxonomies no longer cause PHP Notices.
* Bug fix: Various PHP Notices introduced in 3.7.0 were fixed.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where multiple runs caused the current_item_prefix and current_item_suffix to be applied multiple times.
* Bug fix: The included display functions will behave more appropriately when database settings don't exist.
* Bug fix: Fixed multibyte UTF-8 character support for custom taxonomies.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the widget (Appearance > Widgets) would not load the appropriate translations.
= 3.7.0 =
* New feature: Support for "global"/network wide breadcrumb trails in networked setups of WordPress 3.0.
* New feature: Can use any hierarchical post type as a hierarchy for flat post types.
* New feature: Users are now warned if settings are out of date, allowed to do a one click settings migration.
* New feature: Users can now control if a post type uses the "posts page" in it's hierarchy or not.
* Bug fix: Breadcrumb trails for attachments work properly now for custom post types.
* Bug fix: Users can now set custom post types to have a page hierarchy through the settings page.
* Bug fix: Fixed issues where the PHP version check did not work correctly.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where all settings would get reset on "clean" 3.6.0 installs on plugin activation.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue when a static front page is specified but the post page is not.
= 3.6.0 =
* New feature: Vastly improved support for WordPress custom post types.
* New feature: Can now restrict breadcrumb trail output for the front page in the included Widget.
* New feature: Can now undo setting saves, resets, and imports.
* New feature: Translations for Japanese now included thanks to Kazuhiro Terada.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the class element were not closed in a li opening tag.
* Bug fix: Safer handling of blank anchor templates.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the %title% tag in the current item anchor template would be trimmed.
= 3.5.1 =
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where a deactivation/activation cycle would reset all of the user specified settings.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the archive by date suffix field did not save.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where custom taxonomy settings did not save.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where xml settings files would not import.
* Bug fix: French and German translations updated for 3.5.x.
= 3.5.0 =
* New feature: Added actions `bcn_before_fill` and `bcn_after_fill`, see documentation for more information.
* New feature: Widget rewritten to use the WordPress 2.8 Widget API, now multi-widget capable.
* New feature: Widget output can be in list form, can be in reversed order, and can be unlinked.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the current tab was forgotten after a save in the settings page.
* Bug fix: Fixed various WP API issues with WordPress 3.0.
* Bug fix: Fixed title trimming so that it works properly with multi-byte characters.
= 3.4.1 =
* Bug fix: Fixed issue with PHP unexpected $end on line 1567 in breadcrumb_navxt_admin.php.
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where the %link% anchor tag would not be replaced with a URI for flat taxonomies (e.g. tags).
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where paged breadcrumbs would cause WP_Error objects to be thrown.
= 3.4.0 =
* New feature: Proper support of custom taxonomies. category_parents and post_tags replaced with term_parents and post_terms.
* New feature: Ability to use date as post "taxonomy".
* New feature: Translations for Italian now included thanks to Luca Camellini.
* Bug fix: Fixed permalink for day breadcrumbs.
* Bug fix: Flat taxonomy archive breadcrumbs now are surrounded by both the standard and archive prefix/suffix combination.
= 3.3.0 =
* Behavior change: The core plugin was removed, and administrative plugin renamed, direct class access still possible.
* New feature: Ability to trim the title length for all breadcrumbs in the trail.
* New feature: Ability to selectively include the "Blog" in addition to the "Home" breadcrumb in the trail (for static frontpage setups).
* New feature: Translations for Russian now included thanks to Yuri Gribov.
* New feature: Translations for Swedish now included thanks to Patrik Spathon.
* Bug fix: Minor tweaks to the settings link in the plugins listing page so that it fits better in WordPress 2.8.
* Bug fix: Now selects the first category hierarchy of a post instead of the last.
= 3.2.1 =
* New feature: Translations for Belorussian now included thanks to "Fat Cow".
* Bug fix: The `bcn_display()` and `bcn_display_list()` wrapper functions obey the `$return parameter`.
* Bug fix: Anchors now will be valid HTML even when a page/category/post title has HTML tags in it.
* Bug fix: Revised `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::category_parents` to work around a bug in `get_category` that causes a WP_Error to be thrown.
* Bug fix: Importing settings XML files should no longer corrupt HTML entities.
* Bug fix: Can no longer import and reset options at the same time.
* Bug fix: WordPress 2.6 should be supported again.
= 3.2.0 =
* New feature: Now can output breadcrumbs in trail as list elements.
* New feature: Translations for Dutch now included thanks to Stan Lenssen.
* New feature: Now breadcrumb trails can be output in reverse order.
* New feature: Ability to reset to default option values in administrative interface.
* New feature: Ability to export settings to a XML file.
* New feature: Ability to import settings from a XML file.
* Bug fix: Anchor templates now protected against complete clearing.
* Bug fix: Administrative interface related styling and JavaScript no longer leaks to other admin pages.
* Bug fix: Calling `bcn_display()` works with the same inputs as `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::display()`.
* Bug fix: Calling `bcn_display()` multiple times will not place duplicate breadcrumbs into the trail.
= 3.1.0 =
* New feature: Tabular plugin integrated into the administrative interface/settings page plugin.
* New feature: Default options now are localized.
* New feature: Plugin uninstaller following the WordPress plugin uninstaller API.
* Bug fix: Administrative interface tweaked, hopefully more usable.
* Bug fix: Tabs work with WordPress 2.8-bleeding-edge.
* Bug fix: Translations for German, French, and Spanish are all updated.
* Bug fix: Paged archives, searches, and frontpage fixed.
= 3.0.2 =
* Bug fix: Default options are installed correctly now for most users.
* Bug fix: Now `bcn_breadcrumb_trail::fill()` is safe to call within the loop.
* Bug fix: In WPMU options now are properly separate/independent for each blog.
* Bug fix: WPMU settings page loads correctly after saving settings.
* Bug fix: Blog_anchor setting not lost on non-static frontpage blogs.
* Bug fix: Tabular add on no longer causes issues with WordPress 2.7.
* New feature: Spanish and French localization files are now included thanks to Karin Sequen and Laurent Grabielle.
= 3.0.1 =
* Bug fix: UTF-8 characters in the administrative interface now save/display correctly.
* Bug fix: Breadcrumb trails for attachments of pages no longer generate PHP errors.
* Bug fix: Administrative interface tweaks for installing default options.
* Bug fix: Changed handling of situation when Posts Page is not set and Front Page is set.
= 3.0.0 =
* New feature: Completely rewritten core and administrative interface.
* New feature: WordPress sidebar widget built in.
* New feature: Breadcrumb trail can output without links.
* New feature: Customizable anchor templates, allows things such as rel="nofollow".
* New feature: The home breadcrumb may now be excluded from the breadcrumb trail.
* Bug fix: 404 page breadcrumbs show up in static frontpage situations where the posts page is a child of the home page.
* Bug fix: Static frontpage situations involving the posts page being more than one level off of the home behave as expected.
* Bug fix: Compatible with all polyglot like plugins.
* Bug fix: Compatible with Viper007bond's Breadcrumb Titles for Pages plugin (but 3.0.0 can replace it as well)
* Bug fix: Author page support should be fixed on some setups where it did not work before.

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 5.1.0 =
This version fixes a ton of bugs, plus adds a new filter and features support for RDFa Breadcrumb by default.

= 5.0.0 =
This version is for the developers, those who like to extend things gracefully. Several new hooks were introduced, while others were tweaked to be more useful. If you have WordPress setup as a multisite install/in network mode, the new Breadcrumb NavXT network settings page will take priority over the individual sub site settings pages. This is a major change from previous versions. See [Controlling Breadcrumb NavXT Settings From the Network Settings Page]("Go to the article on controlling the settings hierarchy") for more information on the new settings modes.