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instruct Git not to mess with line endings

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mykmelez committed Dec 13, 2012
1 parent b73e140 commit da02920210ba2515597b313543d7d661709e5729
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+# We don't want Git to mess with line endings.
+# Most files in this repository have Unix-style endings (\n), and Windows devs
+# have myriad options for editing them; thus it isn't necessary to convert line
+# endings when checking out files into a working directory.
+# Meanwhile, some files *must* have Windows line endings (\r\n), like the jQuery
+# library, which must be bit-identical to the official release to avoid review
+# by AMO reviewers; thus they mustn't be converted when committed to the object
+# database.
+# We could dicker with individual files or leave it up to individual developers,
+# but it's simpler and less trouble-prone to set a consistent policy, so we do.
+# Disable line-ending conversion for all files on older versions of Git.
+* -crlf
+# Disable line-ending conversion for all files on newer versions of Git.
+* -text

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