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It would be nice to be able to change some settings, like resolution, orientation and DPI.
Actually that is what I want to be able to change.
I know it's possible if you run the simulator manually but I can't get it to work.


Orientation just landed. Update to 3.0pre2


To be found here?

It works 👍

Now for resolution and DPI! 💃

mykmelez commented May 3, 2013

Resolution is #272. So let's focus this issue specifically on DPI! However, I don't understand the use case well enough. Can someone explain how DPI typically varies between the kinds of devices FxOS is targeting, what DPI values we'll want to support, and how a DPI simulation might present itself to developers?


I don't know too much about DPI and devices, but it might be important since most apps don't look quite right on Peaks. window.matchMedia and -moz-device-pixel-ratio might be able to help, but I cannot in good faith suggest anything that's been vendor prefixed.


I think is preferred, using it with "dppx".
A high resolution display has 1.5dppx and or higher.

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