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Logcat console for a connected device #363

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Using command-line logcat is painful and filtering even filtering down to Gecko logs mixes real Javascript Warning with CSS parsing logs.

The log could be shown as action when a device is connected. To allow further use of the dashboard, it should open as popup. Some filters with good defaults should lead to a just-works moment.

Assigning it for me for now, as I really want it. Input highly appreciated!

@digitarald digitarald was assigned
Mozilla member

Might it be possible to reflect relevant logcat output into the Web Console? I'm hesitant to add yet another console interface, especially when the Web Console is already well-suited for the job and can be opened as either a popup or a frame at the bottom of the Dashboard page.

In fact, I'm hoping to reduce the number of console implementations from two to one, getting rid of the checkbox to open the Simulator's Error Console now that it's possible to open a Remote Web Console to the Simulator!

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