Properties dictionary not being created correctly from the properties file #364

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Vidhuran commented Mar 8, 2013

The l10n.js file does not populate the properties dictionary gL10nData correctly. As a result of this, the value of the "#landing-clock" is not correct in the Home Screen.

Attached screenshot and error messages from the console log.

[17:00:56.317] [l10n] #shortTimeFormat is undefined.
[17:00:56.317] [l10n] #longDateFormat is undefined.
[17:00:56.318] [l10n] #weekday-5-long is undefined.
[17:00:56.319] [l10n] #month-2-long is undefined.
Incorrect Date Format


This smells like a dupe of #330 and #333 . I bet they are all related.


@mykmelez , I wonder if we need to be overriding the b2g locale? The errors logged show that they are only defined for locale codes ['ar', 'en-US', 'fr', and 'zh-TW'].

@Vidhuran , please open a firefox console and execute "navigator.language" and paste the results here. I bet it has to do with a Firefox locale that the isn't defined in the B2G locales, and there's no sane defaults yet.

Vidhuran commented Mar 9, 2013

@nickdesaulniers , I did try to do that earlier and got "en-US".
If it is a problem only with Windows , could it be so that the .ini or .properties files are treated differently by Windows ?

mykmelez commented May 3, 2013

Closing this due to lack of needed info. But please do reopen if you can provide that info!

@mykmelez mykmelez closed this May 3, 2013
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