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Emulator : Make a screenshot #421

Progi1984 opened this Issue · 6 comments

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A feature which will be interesting in the emulator will be the availability to make a screenshot of the current state of the emulator.


You can do it, try with the buttom home + end at the same time. It will take you a screenshot.


Perfect :)

But no way to remove the button bar in the bottom ?


Buttom bar in the bottom? Could you be more speciffic or possibly show me a screenshot?


Like this one :


It's possible but i am not sure why you like remove it. However if you think that is a good function remove this bar and good to be added in the next version of the simulator, please fill other bug.

I think that the main problem (take a screenshot) in this bug was solved, so, if you have other problems or you have a suggestion, please open other issue.

Solved @mykmelez :)


Yep, exactly.

I close and open an another bug.

Thanks @Gioyik !

@Progi1984 Progi1984 closed this
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