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Pushing apps don't work on Peak / Simulator 4.0 #822

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I get several webapps (like Boilerplate) : all are ok in the v4 simulator, but every time i try to push them to my Peak, nothing appends - i must precise that the "Device connected" and the "Push" button appear/disappear well when connecting/disconnecting the device.
I tried several days (weeks?) with Debian AMD64/Iceweasel 23, Debian AMD64/Firefox (official), Ubuntu i386/Firefox (other computer) - same thing. I try to reinstall the plugins several times - wrong again. The only way for me to install webapps is to find a real webserver, transfer all files, then pointing to the real URL... The problem is : contacts are of course personal datas, and i don't want to feed google ! I don't know if the bug is on the simulator side, or on the Geeksphone side, but it will be very cool if the push button could finally make its job. I really want to finish my little app, then write a little tutorial for others Firefox OS users which want to translate their old contacts to the phone. And of course, the next step will be to backup all existing contacts and send then by mail for backup. Thanks for reading.

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