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insufficient permissions for device #843

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worikgh ochameau

I am using a Keon phone, Ubuntu 13.04 Firefox 20.0 and a freshly installed FirefoxOS simulator Addon downloaded from

On the phone I have enabled 'remote debugging' as per...

When I go to 'push' an app to my phone I get the following sequence of errors (from the browser console after enabeling verbose logging as per

[13:31:32.828] info: r2d2b2g: Simulator.onMessage pushAppToDevice

[13:31:32.828] info: r2d2b2g: Simulator.pushAppToDevice: /home/worik/Documents/Research/FirefoxOS/Apps/CompanieNZ/manifest.webapp

[13:31:32.828] info: r2d2b2g: adb: forwardPort 6000

[13:31:32.828] info: r2d2b2g: adb: runCommand host:forward:tcp:6000;tcp:6000

[13:31:32.830] info: r2d2b2g: adb: runCommand onopen

[13:31:32.830] info: r2d2b2g: adb: len=34 30303145686f73743a666f72776172643a746370 001Ehost:forward:tcp

[13:31:32.831] info: r2d2b2g: adb: runCommand ondata

[13:31:32.832] info: r2d2b2g: adb: Response: FAIL

[13:31:32.832] info: r2d2b2g: adb: Error: insufficient permissions for device

[13:31:32.832] info: r2d2b2g: adb: runCommand onclose


This has worked before. I have several apps on my phone that I installed via 'push'. I expect I have unwittingly changed a setting on my phone.

Any ideas?



The Simulator addon 4 isn't compatible with devices on devices on Firefox OS 1.2+. So if you keon is updated on nightly channel, it won't work.
If that's the case, I suggest you to give a try to the new app manager that is being shipped in Firefox Aurora 26:
This tool works only with phones on 1.2+. Once firefox started, open the page about:app-manager and install the two suggested addons.


The down load from that link does not work. None of the executables will run.

Aurora from is Aurora 25 and there is no "about:app-manager"

I have got Aurora 25.0a2 (2013-09-15) installed but I am still having no joy, but this is not V26 as you recommended



What about this link?
This one installed Aurora 26 for me.


No, it still fails.

I can find no documentation on that page, and I am assuming I am not doing something correctly.

I am unpacking the archive and trying to run ./firefox, ./firefox-bin and/or ./ directly.

worik@sharon:/tmp/firefox$ ./firefox
bash: ./firefox: No such file or directory
worik@sharon:/tmp/firefox$ ./firefox-bin
bash: ./firefox-bin: No such file or directory
worik@sharon:/tmp/firefox$ ./ Cannot execute .




worik@sharon:/tmp/firefox$ file ./firefox-bin
./firefox-bin: ELF 32-bit LSB executable,.....

It is a 32-bit executable and

worik@sharon:/tmp/firefox$ uname -m

I am 64-bit




I have compiled Aurora from source. OK

Running 26.0a2 (2013-10-03)

I added the simulator addon and the adb Helper Add-on suggested on the about:app-manager.

Looking at it says I need to sure my device is running Firefox OS 1.2+.

But in Settings -> Device information it says I am running "Boot2Gecko" last updated 20-Aug-2013. I thought the whole problem was I was running FirefoxOS 1.2+. Under "Check for Updates" it says I am running the latest version of FirefoxOS.

I am confused!

Anyhow when I plug in my phone the app-manager page at the bottom says "Not Connected.
Connect to: <??????????> or

Pressing the <??????????> button has no effect.

So I still do not have a useful set up.


worikgh worikgh closed this

I did not mean to close this. Damn! I'm reopening

worikgh worikgh reopened this

The problem was a missing udev entry.

When I created a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d with the lin:

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="05c6", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"

The problem went away.

I named my rule file: "01-firefoxos.rules" the name is irrelevant but it must end in '.rules' and the rules are executed in lexicographical order.

worikgh worikgh closed this
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