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rfk commented Aug 6, 2013

@6a68 added my keys and I've done a push to update to the latest code. I think we should consider formalizing ownership and maintenance of this service a little more. I'm not entirely sure what the current setup is, but ISTM we should have something like:

  • an awsbox deployed into mozsvc dev (prod?) AWS environment
  • domain managed by mozsvc route53

This would make it easier for us to keep the service running and up-to-date, without dependency on any key individuals. Thoughts?


6a68 commented Aug 6, 2013

@rfk that's a great idea. there are a lot of these littler projects (this, deployer,, the translate environment, 123done, myfavoritebeer) that are crucial to our testing and development workflow, but which are half-assedly maintained by devs.

We've already sorta formalized the idea of "if it's really important to the team, move the repo to mozilla ownership". We've also formalized the idea of "identity-pubkeys contains all the keys that should be on these important communal services, so that the original creator can take vacation." But there's no corresponding ops-level formalization of "an awsbox that has to keep running".

If you have a proposal, I'd say, float it on the dev-identity list and we can start shoring up our crappie infrastructure situation. I'm happy to help. Closing in the spirit of moving this discussion to the public list; reopen if I'm closing prematurely. 🍻

6a68 closed this Aug 6, 2013

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