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Rhino 1.7.9

March 15, 2018

This release fixes a potential ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
that was introduced in 1.7.8. Since it's potentially pretty serious, projects currently using 1.7.8
should switch to this new release.

Issue 390

In addition, there is a new flag on Context called "FEATURE_INTEGER_WITHOUT_DECIMAL_PLACE."
If set, Rhino will work harder to display numbers in integer form rather than in floating-point
form. This feature is currently disabled by default, although if it proves popular than we can
consider enabling it in the future.

PR 398

At language level "ES6" and above, ToNumber conversion is now more compliant to the spec. (This
change is disabled for older language levels to prevent a problem with backward compatibility.)

PR 383

Finally, there are a number of other fixes.

Thanks to all who contributed, both with issues and with code!

Attila Szegedi:

  • Fix a JavaDoc warning

Ivan Vyshnevskyi:

  • Make ToNumber(String) conversion more spec-compliant
  • Report parsing error for default values in destructuring assignments

Michael[tm] Smith:

  • Add addError(String messageId, int c) method
  • Add “illegal character” test to ParserTest
  • Show word in “identifier is a reserved word” error
  • Add “identifier is a reserved word” test

Oleksandr Maksymenko:

  • changes to process integer object as integer and long as long, not as double


  • cleanup the code an try to make it faster (#373)


  • Correction: Compatability → Compatibility