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Rhino is an open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java
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Rhino: JavaScript in Java


Rhino is an implementation of JavaScript in Java.


Rhino is licensed under the MPL 2.0.


Rhino 1.7R5January 29, 2015
Rhino 1.7.6April 15, 2015
Rhino 1.7.7June 17, 2015
Rhino 2, 2016

Release Notes for recent releases.

Compatability table which shows which advanced JavaScript features from ES5, 6, and 7 are implemented in Rhino.


Information for script builders and embedders:

JavaDoc for all the APIs:

More resources if you get stuck:


Status of "master" branch

Java 6
Java 7
Java 8

How to Build

Rhino builds with Gradle. Here are some useful tasks:

./gradlew jar

Build and create Rhino jar in the build/libs directory.

./gradlew test

Build and run all the tests.

./gradlew testBenchmark

Build and run benchmark tests.

Releasing and publishing new version

  1. Ensure all tests are passing
  2. Remove -SNAPSHOT from version in in project root folder
  3. Create file in $HOME/.gradle folder with following properties. Populate them with maven repo credentials and repo location.

  4. Run Gradle task to publish artifacts to Maven Central.

    ./gradlew publish
  5. Increase version and add -SNAPSHOT to it in in project root folder.
  6. Push to GitHub


Rhino can run as a stand-alone interpreter from the command line:

java -jar buildGradle/libs/rhino-
Rhino 1.7.7 2015 05 03
js> print('Hello, World!');
Hello, World!

You can also embed it, as most people do. See below for more docs.


Most issues are managed on GitHub:

More Help

The Google group is the best place to go with questions:!forum/mozilla-rhino

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