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Bug 748208 - Upgrade clang to 155417. r=espinolda

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1 parent 9ca5f31 commit a4284abc40313d4c3b93278abba0dd73a5a3381f @rail rail committed May 2, 2012
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  1. +3 −0 clang/centos5-i686/clang.spec
@@ -18,8 +18,11 @@ clang snapshot packaged for mozilla build machines
rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_DIR/%{toplevel_dir}
+rm -rf $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/llvm
svn co -r %{REPO_REV} $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/llvm
+rm -rf $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/clang
svn co -r %{REPO_REV} $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/clang
+rm -rf $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/compiler-rt
svn co -r %{REPO_REV} $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/compiler-rt
ln -sf ../../clang $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/llvm/tools
ln -sf ../../compiler-rt $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/llvm/projects

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