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comparison between borrowed pointers hits ICE #3091

nikomatsakis opened this Issue August 02, 2012 · 4 comments

3 participants

Niko Matsakis Tim Chevalier Jesse Ruderman
Niko Matsakis
fn main() {
    let x = 1;
    let y = 1;
    assert &x == &y;

yields "error: internal compiler error: non-scalar type passed to compare_scalar_types"

I imagine this should work the same as @1 == @1

Tim Chevalier

I'll see if this is fixable easily.

Jesse Ruderman

Are you trying to compare the addresses or the ints?

Niko Matsakis

the ints, although it's a good question. but that's how we behave with @T and ~T

Tim Chevalier

Fixed in 948172b

Tim Chevalier catamorphism closed this August 03, 2012
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