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  • 0.4 progress / status (graydon)
  • default-move on non-IC types (niko)

0.4 Progress / Status

  • tjc: I'm working on removing uses of explicit copy mode
  • pcwalton: some weirdness with runtime calls which currently has a wacky mode
  • graydon: in that case, a run through the docs is in order
  • graydon: I am still in discussion with legal with regard to licensing issues

Camel Case Warning On By Default?

  • brson: erickt doesn't like having it on by default, doesn't play well with native bindings
  • brson: I would expect you to turn it off explicitly
  • pcwalton: I thought that warning would be temporary
  • brson: it seemed like a nice thing to push people in the right direction
  • graydon: maybe we should just weaken the warning to indicate if it starts with a cap
  • brson: I think if the rule is that types should start with a capital letter, it's too weak to bother with. It's not the full convention.
  • pcwalton: I could see separating full-camel-case from the first letter
  • nmatsakis: just feels like a lot of modes. but I don't really care.
  • brson: maybe we should just turn it off. it's not important.
  • graydon: it seems like as long as the core/std follow it, it's probably enough cultural precendet
  • brson: I'll just turn it off for now.


  • pcwalton: I think the easiest way to bootstrap, if nothing else, is sys::get_args()
  • pcwalton: I'm in favor of moving the argument list out of the signature of main()
  • pcwalton: on the grounds that it removes overloading from the language
  • pcwalton: and it doesn't significantly alter the amount of "environmental state" that is available
  • tjc: it seems confusing that having an args argument might vary from sys::get_args()
  • brson: on the other hand, I prefer the args vector because you can treat main() like any normal fn and don't have to worry about global state
  • graydon: weak preference in favor of the argument vector
  • nmatsakis: me three
  • conclusion: for now, we'll just do the getargs() thing.


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