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Allow adding new "full backlog" bugs directly to sprint #103

fwenzel opened this Issue November 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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Fred Wenzel Paul McLanahan
Fred Wenzel

When adding a new bug to a sprint, I first need to find the "full backlog" page, add it to the sprint ready list there, then find the bugs list for the sprint in question and add it to the actual sprint, there.

I think we can cut one step out of this, perhaps by allowing to switch from "ready backlog" to "full backlog" on the sprint bugs edit page (

Paul McLanahan

Yeah. The idea is that the "full backlog" is uncurated straight from bugzilla. Project manager types would then curate the bugs that are ready to sprint on into the sprint-ready list for their project. Then when the team is ready to create a new sprint, all the bugs from those ready lists for all the projects in the team would be there for creating the sprint.

It's not really an advertized feature, but you can move a bug directly into the ready backlog, or a sprint using the "s=<sprint_slug>" tag in the whiteboard. If sprint_slug exists as a sprint on the project, the bug will be added to said sprint, if the sprint doesn't exist it'll be in the ready backlog.

For many teams the full backlog is HUGE, and having it on the page when creating a sprint was so unwieldy as to be worthless. So it was decided that having some separation and a level of abstraction was preferable.

The workflow was though to be something like the following:

  1. People add scrum data to bugs in the product/component for the project
  2. Project manager type triages the bugs that are ready and a priority into the ready-backlog.
  3. Team meets to plan the sprint
    • gives points to the point-free bugs in the ready-backlog (this is often done in a separate planning-poker meeting)
    • moves bugs into the sprint.
  4. Work work work.

If you need more flexibility I'm sure we can work something out.

Fred Wenzel

Thank you, the s=... works very well for my purposes. We can either WONTFIX this bug, or keep it as a feature request for the "full backlog" page, up to you.

Paul McLanahan

I do think it'd be worth it to find a way to add a bug directly to a sprint from the full backlog page as a shortcut. Like you found, you could easily be looking at that page and want to just move a bug into the current sprint. I think we should keep this as a feature request for that.

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