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rafrombrc commented Apr 22, 2011

this is a fairly sizeable overhaul of the linkoauth setup, w/ some code reorganization and the introduction of a "Services" infrastructure that knows how to check a service status database before deciding whether or not to actually make a request of a 3rd party service.

billrest and others added some commits Mar 30, 2011

@billrest billrest initial commit of the services status DB 1baec6d
@billrest billrest added plugin-based registries 2ed3ce4
@billrest billrest started to work on the succ/fail callback 7e603f5
@billrest billrest added an errors module and removed the assert calls in base in favor …
…of a real exception class
@billrest billrest now uses the BadVersionError 22880ef
@billrest billrest Facebook now uses the base requester app eef98c1
@billrest billrest moving more api classes to BaseRequester db3ba71
@billrest billrest simplified the model: one Services class that does all the job. Backe…
…nds can raise BackendErrors, which will be used to increment the failure status
@billrest billrest protecting all pylibmc calls e9bf1b3
@billrest billrest added ttl support d466aaf
@billrest billrest make sure the middleware catch read errors e9dcae2
@billrest billrest removed deprecated apis 7e3f48f
@billrest billrest added a DomainNotRegisteredError that gets raised if a call is made o…
…n Services
@billrest billrest removed remaining assert calls 3ead428
@billrest billrest moved the status error classes to errors 8a94cc1
@billrest billrest base module cleanup b25f121
@billrest billrest fixed the ugly 5 spaces indentation 69562e1
@billrest billrest cleaned up the facebook_ module e2cfe81
@billrest billrest more flake8 fixes 0f5ba5d
@billrest billrest more cleanup dc1751c
@billrest billrest added missing headers fa10d30
@billrest billrest reorganized the backends in their own subdir 702010f
@billrest billrest added an option to disable the membase feedback 42cc0d8
@billrest billrest X-Target-Service => X-Target-Domain f1a1f92
@billrest billrest added a simple cli c40a253
@rafrombrc rafrombrc Merge branch 'master' into feature/status
@rafrombrc rafrombrc import OAuthKeysException from the right location 5ed63e0
@rafrombrc rafrombrc add ``get_name`` classmethod to the TwitterRequester to fulfill the A…
…PI and add

domain as an instance attribute for parity w/ the other requesters
@rafrombrc rafrombrc just test the Requesters directly, get_provider is no more. f7a4844
@rafrombrc rafrombrc mock the memcache client and use it to get the tests passing again b20bb4c
@mixedpuppy mixedpuppy add oauth verify call a978b0d
@rafrombrc rafrombrc Merge branch 'feature/status' of github.com:mozilla/server-share-core…
… into feature/status
@rafrombrc rafrombrc wrap the memcache object in our own thin wrapper so we can do some sl…

kludgey connection initialization stuff to prevent doing too much work at module
scope (import side effect == bad).  there's a very slight run-time performance
impact, which I've tried to minimize; hopefully we can get rid of this stuff when we
purge pylons...
@rafrombrc rafrombrc convert TypeError to OAuthKeysException when fetching the requester s…
…o the error

is correctly represented to the calling client code.
@rafrombrc rafrombrc BaseException.message is deprecated. 255e648
@rafrombrc rafrombrc whitespace 3fe4949
@rafrombrc rafrombrc don't do status updates for the responder API 2696240
@rafrombrc rafrombrc Merge branch 'master' into feature/status
@rafrombrc rafrombrc adjust the Services.getcontacts implementation to match the new page-…
…aware API
@rafrombrc rafrombrc never use {} as a default argument, since any changes made to the val…
…ue will persist

through to the next function call; converted all of these to Nones.

@rafrombrc rafrombrc merged commit 98501f2 into master Apr 22, 2011

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