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Useful third-party tools

The utils/ dir should contain third-party tools from Adobe to help with the development process. In here, you should have:

  • A debugger build of avmshell

When debugging an AVM2 problem in Shumway, it's useful to have the real AVM2 around. Surprisingly, the official AVM2 used in Adobe is actually open-source: it was donated to Mozilla as tamarin. The actual project has issues building with recent versions of gcc, so I prefer to grab a build from Adobe themselves. They can be found in the Mozilla FTP.

  • A version of the ActionScript compiler, ASC

Open-sourced as part of the Flex SDK, recently donated to Apache, it can be found in Mozilla's FTP as well.

  • A recent standalone build of SpiderMonkey

I have no idea where to get that one.


$ cd avm2/
$ curl > utils/avmshell
$ curl > utils/asc.jar

$ cd bin/

$ export ASC=../utils/asc.jar
$ export BUILTINABC=../generated/builtin/
$ python asc ../tests/sunspider/

$ ../utils/js ../bin/avm.js ../tests/sunspider/
$ ../utils/avmshell_d_64 -Dverbose=interp -Dinterp ../tests/sunspider/
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