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The SWF at http://www.dudefree.com/Student_Tools/materials/precalc/unit-circle.php has sound (unsupported) but it also has user interaction (such as mouse pointer changing to the "pointer" state, dragging the unit circle, turning checkboxes on/off and redrawing, etc.)

Shumway doesn't render anything properly (missing text, half of the items on the unit circle are missing, etc.)


Nothing appears in the console except sound errors and logging:

AVM1 error: Object "Sound" is not found
AVM1 error: Method attachSound is not defined.

But after clicking on some of the buttons, I get some of:

AVM1 error: Invalid AS2 object
AVM1 error: Method start is not defined.


After some recent changes in Shumway, this draws much better. Still has mouse cursor errors, though.


Sound definition is missing, causing mouse clicks to fail.

  • Zoom in / out buttons work but hit test is off. For instance, for the zoom out button you need to press exactly on the stroke.
  • The quadrant buttons zoom in too much.
  • Reset button text doesn't appear.
  • Quiz me button is broken.

There's more interactivity that's also broken (if you click on a point, it hides the coords and stuff).

  • Switching the various "SHOW" options off and on again doesn't fully refresh the stage
  • Clicking on a point hides its lines and legend, but clicking it again doesn't properly show them again

@tobeytailor, these two issues seem to be caused by quadtree invalidation issues.


This got much better. Still, some things are off:

  • Sound is missing
  • No hand cursor for buttons
  • Choosing a quadrant is very hard - the buttons seem to have the wrong shape
  • Lines are thinner in Shumway than Flash
  • Black rectangle in upper-left corner?
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