Implement ID3v2 tag parsing for the ID3 Class #74

mbebenita opened this Issue Dec 21, 2012 · 5 comments

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After audio data is loaded we need to parse and populate the id3 property of the Audio class.


We could probably use the Firefox OS ID3 parser for this:

I have a pull request up for the FxOS ID3 parser that vastly improves it. We could either copy the code over or make a separate library that both this and FxOS use.


Ah, nice. Can you post here again once the changes are merged? I'm sure @yurydelendik will be interested :)


It's taken ages, but I expect my changes to the FxOS parser will be merged on March 17 (when FxOS 1.5 development starts up). After that lands, I'll try to split it off into its own library that can be shared by FxOS and Shumway.


Are there any stubs for Shumway's ID3 parsing yet? (And ideally, some pointers to documentation about how the ID3 tag should be emitted.) Firefox OS's ID3 parser is probably in good enough shape that it can be ported over to Shumway now.

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