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avm2 Merge branch 'bug1133387' of into a…
bench Some optimizations to byte arrays, moved IDataInput and IDataOutput t…
extension Adds check-extension to the Makefile
fuzzers Some simple fuzzer code.
harness Adds scoring to the swfm player.
perf Disable some tests due to failures
resources Suppress e10s during testing
sanity Adds scoring to the swfm player.
swfs Add clipping test case
unit Cleanup avm1 unit tests
.gitignore Misc cleaning up: swf/parser/*.js and generateFuzzTests
Makefile Forces unbuffered output during testing
jshint_config.json Change JSHint config to allow line breaks before ? in ternary op expr… Change stas test message printing utils to not use trace with multipl…
psshu.js Improoves psshu.js display and ps line parsing.
swfdec_bad_manifest.json Disable some swfdec tests.
swfdec_diffout_manifest.json Create a file for passing tests but different from swfdec output
swfdec_reftest_manifest.json Moves failed swfdec tests from the swfdec_test_manifest.
swfdec_test_manifest.json Disable some swfdec tests.
test.html Apache 2 headers for Makefiles, utils and testing framework
test.js Change reftest server's port to 8080
test_manifest.json Add clipping test case
test_manifest_bad.json Bug 1123051 - Part 1: Improve compatibility of the main event loop's …
test_manifest_fuzz.json Add fuzz manifset file.
test_manifest_trace.json Merge branch 'yurydelendik-loaderURL' into loader
testutils.js Replaces python with node.js version
trace_test_run.js Ignore asm.js-related warning output that isn't really a warning in t…
webbrowser.js Replaces python with node.js version
webserver.js Replaces python with node.js version
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