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It will be used via on_push.js. and amo.config a part of the configuration.
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dist Grunt task to create pre-build version of Shumway. Mar 4, 2015
patches Fixes tamarin patch for gcc 4.8 Oct 1, 2013
swftinder Stop using swfobject. Jul 1, 2015
take_snapshots Screenshots tools: frame capture and reporting. May 1, 2015
typescript Update tsc to 1.4.1 Feb 27, 2015
Makefile More links and resources. Jan 8, 2012
asc.jar-LICENSE update asc.jar to apache's flex build Feb 19, 2014
bench.js Print the number of iterations. Sep 3, 2015 Rewrite of most of the AVM2 component, the core of the AVM1, plus lot… Apr 23, 2015
closure.jar Update closure compiler to not remove code by computing side effects. Jul 29, 2015
closure.jar-COPYING Removes old version of closure. Feb 12, 2015 Enables log writing in the `grunt server` command. Apr 24, 2015
generateFuzzTests Misc cleaning up: swf/parser/*.js and generateFuzzTests Feb 12, 2015 Adds utility to pull github log Jan 9, 2014
lint.json lint: Added a separate lint make target for avm2 that is a bit more r… Sep 11, 2012
report_grep.js Excludes test/swfarchive; adds utils/report_grep.js May 7, 2015
take_snapshots.js Screenshots tools: frame capture and reporting. May 1, 2015
update-flash-refs.js Bug 1137702 - Load relooper independently from player to prevent Clos… Feb 27, 2015
updateInspectorIncludes.js Gets all the sanity tests to pass. Apr 18, 2014

Useful Tools

ActionScript Compiler, ASC -> ABC (asc)

curl > asc.jar

Adobe Open Source Flex SDK (swfdump)

curl >

Tamarin (tamarin-redux)

Test Cases

Tamarin Test Cases

Simpler Test Cases