Running the Examples

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(For simplicity, let's assume the current directory is the Shumway folder)

Running AS2 Examples

If running the first time or after update, compile sources:

$ grunt shu

Start a web server:

$ grunt server

Running Racing Demo

Open a web browser at http://localhost:8000/examples/racing/index.html.

Running Inspector

The flash inspector is provided as one of the examples. Open a web browser at http://localhost:8000/examples/inspector/inspector.html and use the browse button to upload a SWF file.

Running Examples

The inspector accepts rfile query string parameter to provide SWF file relative path. Few demo SWFs are provided:

  • http://localhost:8000/examples/inspector/inspector.html?rfile=/examples/pac/pac.swf (AS2)
  • http://localhost:8000/examples/inspector/inspector.html?rfile=/examples/racing/race.swf (AS2)
  • http://localhost:8000/examples/inspector/inspector.html?rfile=/examples/pac/pac3.swf (AS3)
  • http://localhost:8000/examples/inspector/inspector.html?rfile=/examples/racing/race3.swf (AS3)

Running Video Player

The pilot for video playback:

  • http://localhost:8000/examples/inspector/inspector.html?rfile=/examples/melon/melon.swf

Firefox Extension

See Building Firefox Extension.