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gh-pages front end #13

humphd opened this Issue Apr 18, 2012 · 3 comments

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Mozilla member
humphd commented Apr 18, 2012

With a view to making more of a community around slowparse, it might be nice to have a very simple jshint style web page that uses it, and people can try without having to do any setup. One logical way to do this would be to create a gh-pages branch that gets updated via post commit hook. Then we can always have a testable version of the tool online.

Pomax commented Apr 18, 2012

we only have a gh-pages branch, but there's no index.html in the main dir, only in the test and demo dirs. We can set up a simpler version of the demo page in the main dir, though?

Mozilla member
humphd commented Apr 18, 2012

Sure, and what's in gh-pages doesn't have to match in any way what's in master.


Hmm, I personally am constantly confused by branches that are not true "branches" but rather separate mini-projects... It especially gets confusing to me when different branches share similar files that need to be constantly synced with each other via commit hooks, as we'd have to do w/ slowparse.js. I think it triggers the same "whoa" effect that happens when I read really recursive code.

Personally, I'd rather have a "docs" directory in the main branch that we publish out to a separate, non-github-hosted website via a commit hook, possibly with an intermediate build step... but I can be convinced to do the more confusing and pseudo-recursive thing. :)

BTW, until we figure this out I am just keeping the main docs in the The one "build step" we (regrettably) have right now is the docco docs, which I'm manually regenerating, pushing here and linking to from the readme.

@Pomax Pomax closed this Dec 18, 2013
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