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Pomax commented Jan 23, 2013

slowparse will now report an error of type ILLEGAL_CONTENT_AFTER_DOCUMENT when it sees any content after </html> in the stream. I've also updated the spec and tests to work with this new error.

toolness added some commits Apr 9, 2012

Changed the spec so an element node's parseInfo has openTag and close…
…Tag property intervals, rather than just start/end for the whole element and its contents.
turned the tokenizer into a parser; the lexing+parsing stages are now…
… unified to (hopefully) provide better error feedback, and possibly easier to understand code.
changed ParseError format yet again. It's now decoupled from any gene…
…rated DOM nodes, and is pure JSON... not sure if that's a good idea or not, but it seems like we might want to use this in situations where we're not generating a DOM.

toolness and others added some commits Apr 30, 2012

Removed demo, spec, and editor's dependency on underscore.js by embed…
…ding its template functionality in errors.jquery.js (as our error message logic is the only thing that requires templating).
Moved the specification and its dependencies to the 'spec' directory.…
… Among other things, this makes the specification "production" code whose utility libraries, particularly errors.jquery.js, can be used by clients. (Everything in 'demo' is still experimental hacked-together stuff.)
Added jQuery.errorTemplates and removed jQuery.loadMany(). jQuery.fn.…
…fillError() now takes an optional second argument.
better error feedback for specification tests. They now also test to …
…make sure that each error spec has a friendly error message that executes properly.
test-spec.js now delegates all testing to the specification iframe on…
…ce it's done loading. Putting the test logic closer to the spec-generating code should help ensure that the two don't go out of sync, since the spec-generating code doesn't really have a public API that's expected to be maintained.
For unknown html tag/css property error messages, include a link to l…
…ists of HTML5 tags/CSS3 properties so users aren't left hanging.
Merge pull request #34 from Pomax/gh-pages
added ' parsing for attributes
Merge pull request #35 from Pomax/gh-pages
made accidental css nesting detectable (a { p { ...)

Pomax commented on slowparse.js in 415a8a6 May 29, 2012

Note that this is a rare circumstance, but will need an issue filed for it if this is merged. I'm okay with incremental improvement here.

We might want to add a test that ensures that mixed SVG+HTML works ok, i.e. that the transition between HTML mode and SVG mode and back works.

We may also want to add a test that ensures that the DOM nodes created while in SVG mode have the SVG namespace.

@ghost ghost assigned toolness Jan 23, 2013


Pomax commented Dec 10, 2014

closing as out-of-date

@Pomax Pomax closed this Dec 10, 2014

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