Ensure that service provider metadata management is forward-compatible with Share #11

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michaelrhanson commented Mar 19, 2012

Whatever we do to manage service provider metadata should evolve naturally from our Share implementation.


mixedpuppy commented Mar 19, 2012

right now there different db files for the addons, but the manifest code is essentially the same. we just need to define a manifest format, preferably compatible with the apps manifest. I should refactor the manifest code a bit so the lib file for it remains the same between the two.


mixedpuppy commented Apr 5, 2012

Here's a strawman proposal for manifest syntax, which shouldn't interfere with app manifest structure:

'activities': {
'share': { ... }
'social': {
'name': 'mysite',
'iconURL': ...
'workerURL': ...
'sidebarURL': ...
'URLPrefix': ...


mixedpuppy commented May 15, 2012

recent changes, documented in https://github.com/mozilla/socialapi-dev/blob/develop/docs/socialAPI.md avoids conflict with share and webapps manifest data

mixedpuppy closed this May 15, 2012

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