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Socorro is a server to accept and process Breakpad crash reports.
Python JavaScript C++ HTML CSS Shell Other
Latest commit e9c2a92 @AdrianGaudebert AdrianGaudebert Fixes bug 1227621 - Added a Mobile summary to signature report. r=pet…

Added infinite level aggregations to Super Search.
Failed to load latest commit information.
akela @ 2ad3fe2 fix for bug 849999 and bug 850049
alembic fixes bug 1215577 - Delete old crontabber_state table
analysis bug 765001 - switch to new way of doing mapreduce jobs, starting with…
config crashmover service should run as socorro user. if it does not and it …
docs this needs an absolute path
minidump-stackwalk Output symbol disk cache hits/misses as well as elapsed HTTP fetch ti…
puppet Fixes bug 1188774 - Changed default config to use new es module and E…
scripts Fixes bug 1221957 - Added a Product summary. r=peterbe
socorro-toolbox @ 841863f bug 765001 - upgrade to latest version of socorro-toolbox
socorro Fixes bug 1227621 - Added a Mobile summary to signature report. r=pet…
sql bug 886550 Remove deprecated sql directory contents
testcrash Revert "Revert "Fixes Bug 1205350 - collector2015 - allow multiple co…
tools Fixes bug 1156693 - Upgraded peep to version 2.4.
webapp-django Fixes bug 1227621 - Added a Mobile summary to signature report. r=pet…
wsgi adjustments to Collector2015 - scoping, tests, refactoring
.editorconfig bug 1207638 - a .editorconfig file with 4-spaces for everything
.env fix bug 1087683 - python develop, not export PYTHONPATH=.
.eslintrc No bug - Added a config file for eslint.
.gitignore bug 1171937 - import jit-crash-categorize code
.gitmodules Remove playdoh-lib submodules from gitmodules.
.pep8 ignore E265 pep8 errors
.travis.yml fixes bug 1189394 - Update travis to use Elasticsearch 1.4, r=AdrianG…
Makefile Fixes bug 1120984 create 'make dev' instead of bootstrap
Procfile fix bug 1021471 - switch Procfile to gunicorn Update
Vagrantfile Move puppet site.pp back to vagrant.pp
contribute.json no bug; add shell and puppet topics
requirements.txt fixes bug 1226788 - django 1.7.11
setup.cfg fixes bug 1217828 - make ftpscraper work on fix bug 1161812 - put revision files in root of package

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