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Common Config

To avoid repetition between configurations of a half dozen independently running applications, common settings are consolidated in a common configuration file: �OB.../scripts/config/

All Socorro applications have these constants available to them. For a Socorro applications that are command line driven, each of these default values can be overidden by a command line switch of the same name.

To setup this configuration file, just copy the example, .../scripts/config/ to .../scripts/config/

Edit the file for your local situation.:

import socorro.lib.ConfigurationManager as cm
import datetime
import stat

# Relational Database Section

databaseHost = cm.Option()
databaseHost.doc = 'the hostname of the database servers'
databaseHost.default = 'localhost'

databasePort = cm.Option()
databasePort.doc = 'the port of the database on the host'
databasePort.default = 5432

databaseName = cm.Option()
databaseName.doc = 'the name of the database within the server'
databaseName.default = ''

databaseUserName = cm.Option()
databaseUserName.doc = 'the user name for the database servers'
databaseUserName.default = ''

databasePassword = cm.Option()
databasePassword.doc = 'the password for the database user'
databasePassword.default = ''

# Crash storage system

jsonFileSuffix = cm.Option()
jsonFileSuffix.doc = 'the suffix used to identify a json file'
jsonFileSuffix.default = '.json'

dumpFileSuffix = cm.Option()
dumpFileSuffix.doc = 'the suffix used to identify a dump file'
dumpFileSuffix.default = '.dump'

# HBase storage system

hbaseHost = cm.Option()
hbaseHost.doc = 'Hostname for hbase hadoop cluster. May be a VIP or load balancer'
hbaseHost.default = 'localhost'

hbasePort = cm.Option()
hbasePort.doc = 'hbase port number'
hbasePort.default = 9090

hbaseTimeout = cm.Option()
hbaseTimeout.doc = 'timeout in milliseconds for an HBase connection'
hbaseTimeout.default = 5000

# misc

processorCheckInTime = cm.Option()
processorCheckInTime.doc = 'the time after which a processor is considered dead (hh:mm:ss)'
processorCheckInTime.default = "00:05:00"
processorCheckInTime.fromStringConverter = lambda x: str(cm.timeDeltaConverter(x))

startWindow = cm.Option()
startWindow.doc = 'The start of the single aggregation window (YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm:ss])'
startWindow.fromStringConverter = cm.dateTimeConverter

deltaWindow = cm.Option()
deltaWindow.doc = 'The length of the single aggregation window  ([dd:]hh:mm:ss)'
deltaWindow.fromStringConverter = cm.timeDeltaConverter

defaultDeltaWindow = cm.Option()
defaultDeltaWindow.doc = 'The length of the single aggregation window  ([dd:]hh:mm:ss)'
defaultDeltaWindow.fromStringConverter = cm.timeDeltaConverter

# override this default for your particular cron task
defaultDeltaWindow.default = '00:12:00'

endWindow = cm.Option()
endWindow.doc = 'The end of the single aggregation window (YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm:ss])'
endWindow.fromStringConverter = cm.dateTimeConverter

startDate = cm.Option()
startDate.doc = 'The start of the overall/outer aggregation window (YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm])'
startDate.fromStringConverter = cm.dateTimeConverter

deltaDate = cm.Option()
deltaDate.doc = 'The length of the overall/outer aggregation window  ([dd:]hh:mm:ss)'
deltaDate.fromStringConverter = cm.timeDeltaConverter

initialDeltaDate = cm.Option()
initialDeltaDate.doc = 'The length of the overall/outer aggregation window  ([dd:]hh:mm:ss)'
initialDeltaDate.fromStringConverter = cm.timeDeltaConverter

# override this default for your particular cron task
initialDeltaDate.default = '4:00:00:00'

minutesPerSlot = cm.Option()
minutesPerSlot.doc = 'how many minutes per leaf directory in the date storage branch'
minutesPerSlot.default = 1

endDate = cm.Option()
endDate.doc = 'The end of the overall/outer aggregation window (YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm:ss])'
endDate.fromStringConverter = cm.dateTimeConverter

debug = cm.Option()
debug.doc = 'do debug output and routines'
debug.default = False
debug.singleCharacter = 'D'
debug.fromStringConverter = cm.booleanConverter
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