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Socorro UI

The Socorro UI is a KohanaPHP implementation that will operate the frontend website for the Crash Reporter website.

Coding Standards

Maintaining coding standards will encourage current developers and future developers to implement clean and consistent code throughout the codebase.

The PEAR Coding Standards ( will serve as the basis for the Socorro UI coding standards.

  • Always include header documentation for each class and each method.
    • When updating a class or method that does not have header documentation, add header documentation before committing.
    • Header documentation should be added for all methods within each controller, model, library and helper class.
    • @param documentation is required for all parameters
    • Header documentation should be less than 80 characters in width.
  • Add inline documentation for complex logic within a method.

  • Use 4 character tab indentations for both PHP and Javascript

  • Method names must inherently describe the functionality within that method.
    • Method names must be written in a camel-case format. e.g. getThisThing
    • Method names should follow the verb-noun format, such as a getThing, editThing, etc.
  • Use carriage returns in if statements containing more than 2 statements and in arrays containing more than 3 array members for readability.

  • All important files, such as controllers, models and libraries, must have the Mozilla Public License at the top of the file.

Adding new reports

Here is an example of a new report which uses a web service to fetch data (JSON via HTTP) and displays the result as an HTML table.

Kohana uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern:

Create model, view(s) and controller for new report (substituting "newreport" for something more appropriate):

Configuration (optional)


<?php defined('SYSPATH') OR die('No direct access allowed.');

// The number of rows to display.
$config['numberofrows'] = 20;

// The number of results to display on the by_version page.
$config['byversion_limit'] = 300;



See :ref:`addaservice-chapter` for details about writing a middleware service for this to use.

class NewReport_Model extends Model {
    public function getNewReportViaWebService() {
        // this should be pulled from the middleware service



<?php slot::start('head') ?>
<title>New Report for <?php out::H($product) ?> <?php out::H($version) ?></title>
<?php echo html::script(array(
<?php echo html::stylesheet(array(
    ), 'screen')?>
<?php slot::end() ?>
<!-- Your custom front end HTML goes here -->



<?php defined('SYSPATH') or die('No direct script access.');
require_once(Kohanna::find_file('libraries', 'somelib', TRUE 'php'));

class NewReport_Controller extends Controller {

    public function __construct() {
        $this->newreport_model = new NewReport_Model();

    // Public functions map to routes on the controller
    // http://<base-url>/NewReport/index/[product, version, ?'foo'='bar', etc]
    public function index() {
        $resp = $this->newreport_model->getNewReportViaWebService();
        if ($resp) {
                'resp' => $resp,
                'nav_selection' => 'new_report',
                'foo' => $resp->foo,
        } else {
            header("Data access error", TRUE, 500);
                'resp' => $resp,
                'nav_selection' => 'new_report',

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