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Collector is an application that runs under Apache using mod-python. Its task is accepting crash reports from remote clients and saving them in a place and format usable by further applications.

Raw crashes are accepted via HTTP POST. The form data from the POST is then arranged into a JSON and saved into the local file system. The collector is responsible for assigning an ooid? (Our Own ID) to the crash. It also assigns a Throttle? value which determines if the crash is eventually to go into the relational database.

Should the saving to a local file system fail, there is a fallback storage mechanism. A second file system can be configured to take the failed saves. This file system would likely be an NFS mounted file system.

After a crash is saved, there is an app called :ref:`crashmover-chapter` that will transfer the crashes to HBase.

Collector Python Configuration

Like all the Socorro applications, the configuration is actually executable Python code. Two configuration files are relevant for collector

  • Copy .../scripts/config/ to .../config/ This configuration file contains constants used by many of the Socorro applications.
  • Copy .../scripts/config/ to .../config/

Common Configuration

There are two constants in '.../scripts/config/' of interest to collector: jsonFileSuffix, and dumpFileSuffix. Other constants in this file are ignored.

To setup the common configuration, see :ref:`commonconfig-chapter`.

Collector Configuration has several options to adjust how files are stored:

See sample config code on Github

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