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Commits on May 22, 2012
  1. @rhelmer @AdrianGaudebert

    (no bug) bump dates in sample data

    rhelmer authored AdrianGaudebert committed
  2. @rhelmer @AdrianGaudebert

    bug 751298 - run for yesterday not today

    rhelmer authored AdrianGaudebert committed
  3. @lonnen @AdrianGaudebert
  4. @rhelmer @AdrianGaudebert

    bug 751298 - add crontabber job for nightly builds

    rhelmer authored AdrianGaudebert committed
  5. @rhelmer @AdrianGaudebert
  6. @rhelmer @AdrianGaudebert

    bug 749462 - docs for crontabber on new installs

    rhelmer authored AdrianGaudebert committed
  7. @rhelmer @AdrianGaudebert
  8. @peterbe @AdrianGaudebert
  9. @schalkneethling @AdrianGaudebert
  10. @rhelmer @AdrianGaudebert

    (no bug) schema dump for Socorro 9 release

    rhelmer authored AdrianGaudebert committed
  11. @peterbe @AdrianGaudebert
  12. @schalkneethling @AdrianGaudebert
  13. @twobraids @AdrianGaudebert

    fixes bug 726385 - hex addresses to placeholder

    twobraids authored AdrianGaudebert committed
  14. @rhelmer @AdrianGaudebert

    (no bug) minor fix to ubuntu bootstrap script

    rhelmer authored AdrianGaudebert committed
  15. @jberkus @AdrianGaudebert

    Bugfixes based on testing on crash-stats-dev.

    jberkus authored AdrianGaudebert committed
Commits on May 10, 2012
  1. @rhelmer

    Merge pull request #579 from rhelmer/master

    rhelmer authored
    (docs only) install 9.0 version of postgres contribs, needed for citext
  2. @rhelmer
  3. @rhelmer

    Merge pull request #578 from peterbe/master

    rhelmer authored
    Safer pinning of configman
  4. @peterbe
Commits on May 9, 2012
  1. @peterbe
  2. @jberkus

    Merge pull request #577 from jberkus/master

    jberkus authored
    fixed off-by-one bug
  3. @jberkus
  4. @brandonsavage

    Merge pull request #574 from ossreleasefeed/update-version-select-dro…

    brandonsavage authored
    sorting products by weight fixes bug 612679
  5. @schalkneethling
  6. @jberkus

    Merge pull request #576 from jberkus/master

    jberkus authored
    9.0 SQL database changes.
  7. @jberkus

    more bug fixes to 9.0.

    jberkus authored
  8. @jberkus

    Downnumbered 10.0 changes due to postponement of 9.0. Added some fixe…

    jberkus authored
    …s to the repository restrictions for testing.
  9. @jberkus
  10. @jberkus
  11. @jberkus
  12. @jberkus

    made roles.sql idempotent

    jberkus authored
  13. @rhelmer

    Merge pull request #575 from rhelmer/install-docs-configman-fix

    rhelmer authored
    (docs only) - note about needing install-submodules, and make test is fi...
  14. @rhelmer

    (docs only) - note about needing install-submodules, and make test is…

    rhelmer authored
    … fine to run standlone now instead of coverage
  15. @schalkneethling

    Merge pull request #571 from ossreleasefeed/use-products-service-743659

    schalkneethling authored
    using products service to populate drop down fixes bug 743659
  16. @schalkneethling
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