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Commits on Nov 30, 2011
  1. @jberkus
  2. @jberkus
Commits on Nov 29, 2011
  1. @brandonsavage

    Bug 706058 - Reverting changes in Bug 680013 that resulted in unexpec…

    brandonsavage authored Brandon Savage committed
    …ted bad behavior for crashes reported today.
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
  1. @jberkus
  2. @jberkus
  3. @jberkus
Commits on Nov 24, 2011
  1. @AdrianGaudebert

    Merge pull request #181 from Lonnen/inline-simple

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    Bug 705025 - inline _simple method for great justice
  2. @AdrianGaudebert

    Merge pull request #185 from ossreleasefeed/retain-filters-top-crashers

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    Always including filters fixes bug 605389
  3. @AdrianGaudebert

    Merge pull request #136 from AdrianGaudebert/681112-reorganize-middle…

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    Fixes bug 681112 - Reorganize middleware
  4. @AdrianGaudebert

    Added one config key per service. Removed hard-coded implementation o…

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    …rder. Changed the get_module algorithm accordingly.
  5. @schalkneethling
  6. @rhelmer

    Merge pull request #184 from rhelmer/install-docs-cleanup

    rhelmer authored
    Install docs cleanup
  7. @rhelmer
  8. @rhelmer
  9. @rhelmer
  10. @rhelmer
  11. @lonnen

    Merge pull request #183 from stephendonner/master

    lonnen authored
    Made slight grammatical tweaks to the 404 page.
  12. @stephendonner
  13. @stephendonner

    Grammar tweaks.

    stephendonner authored
  14. @rhelmer

    Merge pull request #182 from rhelmer/bug701156-simplify-newreport

    rhelmer authored
    bug 701156 - simplify newreport example per schalk and lonnen
  15. @rhelmer
  16. @lonnen
  17. @AdrianGaudebert
  18. @AdrianGaudebert

    Improved code and doc. Removed multiple inheritance. Fixed unit tests…

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    …. Added a new way of handling parameters to search service. Removed non-list related stuff where useless.
  19. @AdrianGaudebert

    Made documentation better. Made PEP8 compliant and …

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    …refactored a bit. Removed obsolete imports. Fixed a few bugs.
  20. @AdrianGaudebert

    Moved files and code around for better hierarchy and org. Reorganized…

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    … unit tests accordingly and added new tests.
  21. @AdrianGaudebert
  22. @AdrianGaudebert

    Made an other class from JsonServiceBase without dependencies to Post…

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    …greSQL or HBase. Use that new class for new services.
  23. @AdrianGaudebert
  24. @AdrianGaudebert
  25. @AdrianGaudebert
  26. @AdrianGaudebert
  27. @AdrianGaudebert

    Added a base class for services. Added a way to get the implementatio…

    AdrianGaudebert authored
    …n module to use. Refactored search service.
  28. @AdrianGaudebert
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
  1. @lonnen

    Merge pull request #179 from brandonsavage/bug702350

    lonnen authored
    Fixes Bug 702350 - Add caching by default, and set up a way to clear the...
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