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twobraids and others added some commits May 1, 2013
@twobraids twobraids added new crash source for processor for RabbitMQ 4d8f8b5
lars added 'finished_func' to transform method f94aef9
@twobraids twobraids added tests for 'finished_func' 4cd600b
@erikrose erikrose Handle unspecified finished_funcs a different way.
This way, we save a bit of code, and the number of args finished_func takes is self-documenting.
@erikrose erikrose ack_crash is public; rename it. e911e0d
@erikrose erikrose Correct docs on RabbitMQ crash source. cdc243c
@erikrose erikrose Don't keep the config around; it's never used. ec93637
@brandonsavage brandonsavage Adding RabbitMQ connection class. 2be1fb7
@brandonsavage brandonsavage adding crashstorage class for RabbitMQ. f4cb07c
@selenamarie selenamarie Integrating our rabbitmq patches:
* Added extra checking for whether we're in a transaction
* bugfix in new_crash_source, and make durable queues
* Getting integration tests working, and a new config
* Removing extraneous tuple in

Also includes working configs for HBase and RabbitMQ locally

Two issues:

  • One Erik can comment on
  • Second issue: Selena will work on this: transaction management + postgres -- we modified something that affects in_transaction() and causes tests to fail. This may have actually fixed a bug but need to investigate further to ensure that we are getting the correct behavior for this function after the change to the transaction manager.
@erikrose erikrose commented on the diff May 6, 2013
+ )
+ def _save_raw_crash_transaction(self, channel, crash_id):
+ channel.basic_publish(
+ exchange='',
+ routing_key='socorro.normal',
+ body=crash_id,
+ properties=pika.BasicProperties(
+ delivery_mode = 2, # make message persistent
+ ))
+ def new_crashes(self):
+ channel = self.rabbitmq.connection()
+ data = channel.basic_get(queue="socorro.priority")
erikrose May 6, 2013

I'd really like to see this repetition addressed, as I mentioned in #1211, before we merge.

erikrose and others added some commits May 6, 2013
@erikrose erikrose Whitespace and spelling 45c2e59
@erikrose erikrose Do the conversion of crash IDs to arg/kwarg pairs in the right place.
That is, in the legacy crash source rather than in the processor app (and there assuming empty kwargs and a single arg).
@brandonsavage brandonsavage Adding a check for supporting transactions to the context managers. 32dbf40
@erikrose erikrose Add an file so the RabbitMQ new crash source will load. 703bfb3
@erikrose erikrose Merge selenamarie/merge-rabbitmq into rmq_crash_source so Selena can …
…do a FF merge of this into that, and we can also go into the bright future together.

The merge conflict was getting her down.
@selenamarie selenamarie Merge pull request #5 from erikrose/rmq_crash_source
Get straight who should be tuple-ifying things
@selenamarie selenamarie Merge pull request #6 from brandonsavage/merge-rabbitmq
Adding a check for supporting transactions to the context managers.

Going to close this in favor of the mozilla/socorro branch of the same name.

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