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Algebird's HyperLogLog support for Apache Spark.
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Algebird's HyperLogLog support for Apache Spark. This package can be used in concert with presto-hyperloglog to share HyperLogLog sets between Spark and Presto. CircleCi


This project is published as mozilla/spark-hyperloglog on, so is available via:

spark --packages mozilla:spark-hyperloglog:2.2.0

Example usage

import com.mozilla.spark.sql.hyperloglog.aggregates._
import com.mozilla.spark.sql.hyperloglog.functions._

val hllMerge = new HyperLogLogMerge
spark.udf.register("hll_merge", hllMerge)
spark.udf.register("hll_create", hllCreate _)
spark.udf.register("hll_cardinality", hllCardinality _)

val frame = sc.parallelize(List("a", "b", "c", "c")).toDF("id")
  .select(expr("hll_create(id, 12) as hll"))
  .agg(expr("hll_cardinality(hll_merge(hll)) as count"))


|    3|


To publish a new version of the package, you need to create a new release on GitHub with a tag version starting with v like v2.2.0. The tag will trigger a CircleCI build that publishes to Mozilla's maven repo in S3.

The CircleCI build will also attempt to publish the new tag to, but due to an outstanding bug in the sbt-spark-package plugin that publish will likely fail. You can retry locally until is succeeds by creating a GitHub personal access token and, exporting the environment variables GITHUB_USERNAME and GITHUB_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN, and then repeatedly running sbt spPublish until you get a non-404 response.

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