Spartacus is a single page app front-end for Webpay.
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No Maintenance Intended Build Status devDependency Status

Please note: this project is currently unmaintained and is not (or soon will not) be in active use by Mozilla.


Spartacus is a single page app front-end for Webpay

Running Spartacus

  • Checkout the build
  • Install PhantomJS
    • on Mac OS X with homebrew: brew install phantomjs
    • on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install phantomjs
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm install -g grunt-cli (This is the recommended approach for installing the cli - the runner is local to the project see
  • Use one of the following grunt commands

Running the dev server

Run grunt start

Running with Webpay

You'll need to point webpay at your running Spartacus installation for static files only.

The webpay setting SPARTACUS_STATIC is pointing at localhost:2604 by default. Modify this if your local settings if you need to.

Spartacus must be reachable by the client making payments, so you'll need to either expose the port it's running on (2604 by default) or reverse proxy it through something like nginx.

You'll also need to make sure your local webpay settings have SPA_ENABLE and SPA_ENABLE_URLS are both set to True. This will enable webpay to serve Spartacus for the relevant urls.

Changing settings via Webpay

To change settings you can override any of the JS settings (see public/js/settings.js) by updating the settings in webpay. The settings key to look for is SPA_SETTINGS.

Running the styleguide

Run grunt styleguide

Running the unit tests

Run grunt test

Running the UI tests

Run grunt uitest. To run a single UI test pass the file with a flag e.g:

grunt uitest --test tests/ui/test-basic.js


Tracker bug is here: