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Stop futzing with setting up your python_mozetl dependencies.

You'll go mad.

This sets up a stock Ubuntu image with a working PySpark toolchain that will pass all the mozilla/python_mozetl testsuite.

Run make build to build the image

Run make bash to run bash with ~/dev/ mounted into /app/src

The container has an enviroment variable set for HOST_IP which is your host machine's IP address for en0

The default user is 'app' with a password set to 'badpass' with sudo rights

The docker-compose.yml file specifies mount points to point to your source directory.

My own python_mozetl repository is typically located at /Users/vng/dev/python_mozetl, and is made available to the container under /app/src/python_mozetl.

You will need to update the volumes entry so that the python_mozetl repository is available to the container on your machine.

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