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Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator

The Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator is a tool which builds configuration files to help you follow the Mozilla Server Side TLS configuration guidelines.


$ npm install


Once you've installed, you can simply run:

$ npm run watch

This starts a local webserver that will automatically reload your changes.

Adding new software

There are two places that need to be updated in order to add support for a new piece of software:

  • src/js/configs.js, which sets the supported features for your software, and
  • src/templates/partials/your-software.hbs, a Handlebars.js template that mirrors your software's configuration

Creating templates

All of the templates are written in Handlebars.js, and so therefore support all of its standard features. This includes if/else/unless conditionals and each loops, for example. In addition, the configuration generator supports the following helpers:

  • eq(item, value) - true if item equals value
  • includes(item, stringOrArray) - true if stringOrArray contains item
  • join(array, joiner) - split a array into a string based on joiner
    • {{{join output.ciphers ":"}}}
  • last(array) - returns the last item in the array
  • minpatchver(minimumver, curver) - true if curver is greater than or equal to minimumver, and both versions are the same patch version, e.g. 2.2
    • {{#if (minpatchver "2.4.3" form.serverVersion)}}
  • minver(minimumver, curver) - true if curver is greater than or equal to minver
    • {{#if (minver "1.9.5" form.serverVersion)}}
  • replace(string, whattoreplace, replacement) - replaces whatToReplace with replacement
    • replace(protocol, "TLSv", "TLS ")
  • reverse(array) - reverses the order of an array
    • {{#each (reverse output.protocols)}
  • sameminorver(version, otherVersion) - returns true if version and otherVersion are of the same minor version, e.g. 2.2
    • {{#if (sameminorver "2.4.0" form.serverVersion)}}
  • split(string, splitter) - split a string into an array based on splitter
    • {{#each (split somearray ":")}}

Template variables

Highlighted items from src/js/state.js for use in templates. See src/js/state.js for more.

  • form.serverName - Server Name

  • form.serverVersion - Server Version

  • form.opensslVersion - OpenSSL Version

  • form.config - configuration name ([ "modern" | "intermediate" | "old" ])

  • form.hsts - HTTP Strict Transport Security form checkbox (boolean true/false)

  • form.ocsp - OCSP Stapling form checkbox (boolean true/false)

  • output.header - description of rendered config (# {{output.header}})

  • - URL to rendered config (# {{{}}})

  • output.protocols - protocol list (e.g. zero or more of: "TLSv1" "TLSv1.1" "TLSv1.2" "TLSv1.3")

  • output.ciphers - cipher list ({{join output.ciphers ":"}})

  • output.cipherSuites - cipher suites list

  • output.serverPreferredOrder - enforce ServerPreference for ordering cipher list (boolean true/false)

  • output.hstsMaxAge - max-age (seconds) for Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=... HTTP response header

  • output.permanentRedirect - HTTP status code ([ 301 | 308 ]) to use for permanent redirect from http://site to https://site

  • output.latestVersion - server latest version

  • output.usesOpenssl - server uses openssl (boolean true/false)

  • output.usesDhe - server might use Diffie-Hellmann key exchange (boolean true/false)

  • output.dhCommand - command to generate Diffie-Hellman (DH) parameters

  • output.hasVersions - server config has versions (boolean true/false)

  • output.supportsConfigs - supports modern, intermediate, old configs (boolean true/false)

  • output.supportsHsts - supports HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) (boolean true/false)

  • output.supportsOcspStapling - supports OCSP Stapling (boolean true/false)

  • output.tls13 - minimum server version supporting TLSv1.3


To publish to GitHub Pages, first generate new docs/ files by running

$ npm run build

Then commit the newly built docs/ files and push the commit to GitHub.


The Changelog that captures the history of changes to Mozilla's recommendations as represented in the JSON guideline files can be found at /src/static/guidelines/


The SSL Config Generator was kept in the mozilla/server-side-tls repository prior to mid 2019 at which point it was moved to this dedicated repository. It was initially created at the end of 2014 and started out supporting Apache HTTP, Nginx and HAProxy.



  • Mozilla Public License Version 2.0