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Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator
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Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator

The Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator is a tool which builds configuration files to help you follow the Mozilla Server Side TLS configuration guidelines.


$ npm install


Once you've installed, you can simply run:

$ npm run watch

This starts a local webserver that will automatically reload your changes.

Adding new software

There are two places that need to be updated in order to add support for a new piece of software:

  • src/js/configs.js, which sets the supported features for your software, and
  • src/templates/partials/your-software.hbs, a Handlebars.js template that mirrors your software's configuration

Creating templates

All of the templates are written in Handlebars.js, and so therefore support all of its standard features. This includes if/else/unless conditionals and each loops, for example. In addition, the configuration generator supports the following helpers:

  • includes(item, stringOrArray) - true if stringOrArray contains item
  • join(array, joiner) - split a array into a string based on joiner
    • {{{join output.ciphers ":"}}}
  • last(array) - returns the last item in the array
  • minpatchver(minimumver, curver) - true if curver is greater minimumver and both versions are the same patch version, e.g. 2.2
    • {{#if (minpatchver "2.4.3" form.serverVersion)}}
  • minver(minimumver, curver) - true if curver is greater than minver
    • {{#if (minver "1.9.5" form.serverVersion)}}
  • replace(string, whattoreplace, replacement) - replaces whatToReplace with replacement
    • replace(protocol, "TLSv", "TLS ")
  • reverse(array) - reverses the order of an array
    • {{#each (reverse output.protocols)}
  • sameminorver(version, otherVersion) - returns true if version and otherVersion are of the same minor version, e.g. 2.2
    • {{#if (sameminorver "2.4.0" form.serverVersion)}}
  • split(string, splitter) - split a string into an array based on splitter
    • {{#each (split somearray ":")}}


To publish to GitHub Pages, simply run:

$ npm run build



  • Mozilla Public License Version 2.0
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