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Mozilla's Positions on Emerging Web Specifications

See the dashboard for Mozilla's current positions.

What is this Repository?

This repo is where Mozilla decides and documents what it thinks about emerging technical specifications for the Web. Typically they're draft documents in the IETF, W3C (including the WICG), WHATWG, and Ecma TC39, but they could come from elsewhere too.

Having a clear Mozilla position on these specifications helps us align our thinking and communicate it clearly to these standards bodies, as well as other browsers.

Implementation status (or even intention) isn't tracked here; see dev-platform.

Possible Specification Positions

We will seek to apply one of three labels to new specifications:

  • positive - Mozilla regards this work as a potential improvement to the web.
  • neutral - Mozilla is not convinced of the merits of this work, but does not see any significant negative potential.
  • negative - Mozilla believes that pursuing this work in its current form would not be good for the web.

These positions will be based on our best assessment of the current state of the specification and the potential for it to benefit our users and the web as a whole. We consider the intended purpose and the design fundamentals of each specification. Incomplete documentation, minor issues, or lack of interoperability testing are not reasons for a negative position, provided that intent is clear.

We might also use the following labels for specifications where we have not formed a position:

  • defer - Mozilla takes no position on this work.
  • under consideration - Mozilla has not taken a position on this work and is gathering more information.

What about Firefox?

A position here does not address whether Mozilla will commit resources to developing a specification. In particular, taking a position does not commit Mozilla to implementing a specification in Firefox.

Requesting a Position

See our contribution guidelines for information about how you can participate.