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Realtime Service Status for Mozilla Persona

This repository holds the status reporting system for Mozilla Persona to be hosted at People who care about Persona can check the status of the service at that url. People working on persona can report incidents by adding files to this repository.

How it works

events/ holds a collection of incident reports. An incident report is a directory, named by convention YYYY.MM.DD-#, containing the following files:

  • discovery.txt - A textual report of a discovered problem
  • update_X.txt - any number (zero to infinity) of incremental status updates
  • resolution.txt - A textual report of the resolution of the problem.

These files have a special first line containing the date of the report, and the rest of the file is plain text prose. For example:

when: Tue Sep 25 22:13:19 PDT 2012

We've isolated the problem, it's a bogus flux capacitor.  We're going to try to stop
in the Aquila System to buy one from the semi-hostile Midorians there.

NOTE: Date parsing is pretty flexible. When an event occurs, type date at your terminal, and then embed this in your report.

NOTE: The .txt suffixes are totally optional.

NOTE: you can name updates whatever you want. The only hardcoded file names are discovery(.txt)? and resolution(.txt)?.

How you report an incident

  1. create a new directory for it in events/
  2. write a discovery.txt file
  3. commit it
  4. push it up to github
  5. build and publish the update to gh-pages:


How you resolve an incident

  1. write a resolution.txt file in the directory
  2. commit it
  3. push it up to github
  4. build and publish the update to gh-pages:


Some details

Scripts in scripts/ are responsible for validating the pile of files in events/, turning them into JSON that the webpage (under html/ can render)

hacking on it

  1. clone it
  2. npm install
  3. mkdir html/data
  4. scripts/to_json.js > html/data/1.json
  5. scripts/run.js
  6. open
  7. hack on html/*
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