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St. Mocli allows you to keep SQL queries in github repositories and easily deploy to re:dash.

Re:dash is great for quickly creating and sharing simple analyses. However, sometimes we want to treat our queries like code. In re:dash, it's difficult to get review, track revisions, or collaborate on queries.


St. Mocli is still in early alpha, so this workflow is going to change.


You should have a Redash API key to perform most operations. You can get one from your Redash user settings page.

Then, add something like:

export REDASH_API_KEY="Tua1aith1ay9roh5thuGhoh6sa3raene"

to your ~/.bash_profile, or pass the key to stmocli on the command line like:

stmocli --redash-api-key Tua1aith1ay9roh5thuGhoh6sa3raene view query.sql

Note that --redash-api-key has to come before the verb on the command line.

init a directory


stmocli init

Creates an empty .stmocli.conf file in the current directory.

track an existing query


stmocli track <redash_id> <filename>

This command downloads the SQL statements associated with the given redash_id and saves it in a file with the given name. The necessary metadata is then added to the config file.

For example, calling stmocli track 49741 poc.sql would create a file in the current directory called poc.sql, with the following content:

FROM longitudinal

Assuming this is the first query being tracked, .stmocli.conf would look like this:

  "poc.sql": {
    "query_id": 49741,
    "data_source_id": <data source>,
    "name": <query name>,
    "description": <query description>,
    "schedule": <schedule interval in seconds>,
    "options": <query options>

pull a linked query


stmocli pull [<file_name>...]

Pulls the current SQL statements and metadata from re:dash for the given query files. If no file name is specified, pull data for all queries. This will overwrite local data. Be sure to use version control.

<file_name> must be a key in the dictionary stored in .stmocli.conf

push a query


stmocli push [<filename>...]

Pushes the current SQL statements and metadata to re:dash for the given query file.

You can specify one or more query files to be pushed, these must be keys in the dictionary stored in .stmocli.conf. If no file names are specified, all SQL statements are pushed.


Push-only and Automatic deploys

This tool assumes no edits happen in re:dash, which is a bad assumption. Edits made in re:dash get overwritten if you push without pulling first.

Ideally, there would be a Mocli-user in re:dash that owns all Mocli queries. This would ensure all queries controlled by Mocli cannot be edited in re:dash. We could then remove the pull command, and this tool becomes push-only.

From there we can have a scheduled job (hourly?) that pushes master to STMO. Maybe we add a git-hook that pushes master on commit. Seamless.

preview a query

Users will need to upload queries to a temporary re:dash query to preview the results. This should be easy to do with a preview command. It may also be useful to execute queries against presto directly.

start a new query

Currently, St. Mocli can only track existing queries. We should add a start command that will make it easy to start queries from the cli.


St. Mocli is a CLI for linking and deploying queries to STMO




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