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Even better values for MAXBURST and LIMIT for all profiles

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1 parent ddd894d commit 0f6bae0d34ff9c452591526dd181e2c749066f42 @nwgh nwgh committed Mar 27, 2013
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@@ -26,15 +26,12 @@ RATE=10mbit
# MAXBURST and LIMIT help to smooth traffic out over a full bucket period,
-# to prevent things from being bursty. MAXBURST should be the either the rate
-# reduced by an SI prefix (so 10mbit->10240) or 1600, whichever is larger.
-# LIMIT should be MAXBURST*3
-# Broadband:
+# to prevent things from being bursty. Right now, this is set for all network
+# configurations at the values below, because they seem to work. One thing to
+# note is that, according to the internet, LIMIT should be 3*MAXBURST, so if
+# these numbers get adjusted later on, that ratio should be kept in mind.
# What sort of latency to have on the interface.
# Broadband:
@@ -48,6 +45,8 @@ LATENCY=90ms
# average number of ms of jitter, while CORRELATION is how similar a packet's
# actual jitter will be to the previous packet's jitter
# Broadband:
+# NOTE: the init script on broadband requires that we completely delete these
+# arguments, otherwise the command fails.

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