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@natefaubion natefaubion Updated Example macros (markdown) fd9309b
@jugglinmike jugglinmike Updated Example macros (markdown) 00bd98c
@trxcllnt trxcllnt Updated Example macros (markdown) 65d7090
@trxcllnt trxcllnt Updated Example macros (markdown) eb8dcf8
@mateuspv mateuspv "tested and it worked" : ) If someone more experienced in macros can find some bug please send me/fix, grateful. 4587ba6
@metaraine metaraine Remove dead links and group by libs/gists. Separate out new versions instead of linking them inline. 81b8b52
@kaleb kaleb removed duplicate example (it is listed again below as "hygienic destructuring using the coffeescript-style `$do` macro") 3888665
@Havvy Havvy unlink description 9c46b6b
@Havvy Havvy Add constexpr. 84faf8d
@michaelstephendavies michaelstephendavies Updated Example macros (markdown) 44d7f33
@michaelstephendavies michaelstephendavies Updated Example macros (markdown) 3c5301d
@fabriceleal fabriceleal Updated my examples for v.0.3.x, 95f150a
@retorquere retorquere Updated Example macros (markdown) 01afdc7
@hasanove hasanove Change broken link to var desctructuring 714c058
@michaelstephendavies michaelstephendavies revert this, going to redo it 61131e3
@michaelstephendavies michaelstephendavies Updated Example macros (markdown) 992c8d2
@J-Chaniotis J-Chaniotis Updated Example macros (markdown) 9e91705
@TooTallNate TooTallNate add "C-style assert() function" b8146d8
@myfreeweb myfreeweb add sweetreaction 059fdf0
@natefaubion natefaubion Updated Example macros (markdown) d97e14b
@ozten ozten Adding fixes for param ann, chained comp, case matching, and cond better switching 37cc9aa
@michaelstephendavies michaelstephendavies Updated Example macros (markdown) 7c2dc20
@srikumarks srikumarks Added link to cspjs - which provides a "task" macro for writing async Javascript code n CSP style using channels. 8becce2
@andreypopp andreypopp Updated Example macros (markdown) 66253d6
@andreypopp andreypopp Array.filter-like function call expanded into an efficient loop a7a14d2
@hachibu hachibu I added a link to a macro I wrote for timing expressions in nanoseconds for Node.js. ab74ffc
@ayosec ayosec Link to macro to extend `for` loops a4468af
@btd btd Updated Example macros (markdown) 7b1f3ee
@benjreinhart benjreinhart Updated Example macros (markdown) bedd9ff
@disnet disnet Updated Example macros (markdown) 2407892
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