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Taar Api

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Dockerflow cookiecutter contains all the boilerplate you need to create a Dockerflow-compliant project.

Instructions for development

  1. Make sure you have docker and docker-compose
  2. make up

Instructions for deployment

The target environment for this project follows the dockerflow conventions. In order to run it correctly, a number of environment variables needs to be set up. The full list of variables can be found in the web section of the docker-compose.yml file. From a services standpoint, this project requires:

  • a Postgres db to store the application data, defined by DATABASE_URL
  • an optional Redis cache service, defined by CACHE_URL

Updating Taar

The core of taar-service lives in the mozilla-taar python package. These are the steps required to deploy a new version of mozilla-taar on taar-api using hashin:

From the root of the repository:

hashin mozilla-taar==<major>.<minor>.<patch>

Then open a pull request with the changes to requirements.txt. Once it's merged to master, the taar api dev service will automatically update.