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Frontend tools & code organization #9

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n1k0 commented Mar 24, 2013

Disclaimer: this is an opiniated proposition, it mostly aims at starting a discussion.

This PR suggests an architecture and tools for the Talkilla project. It's far from perfect, but I think it's possibly a good start.


I've selected tools I know & I'm comfortable with. They might be not the best, but they are fairly well know, maintained & documented, and they do the job for me:

The obvious reason to use such tools is to:

  • avoid reinventing the wheel
  • help structuring the code through well known conventions
  • avoid writing much boilerplate code to concentrate on implementing actual features
  • ease contributions

Yes, every point is possibly debatable and matter of taste, that's why this is a pull request aimed at starting a discussion.

Project structure & files organization

Let's walk through the /static folder, as we're mostly talking frontend here:

$ tree static
├── index.html         # main html file
└── scripts            # app frontend scripts
    ├── app.js         # main app script
    ├── collections    # backbone collections
    │   └── users.js   # users set
    ├── common.js      # common stuff (a.k.a `utils`)
    ├── config.js      # requirejs dependencies configuration
    ├── models         # backbone models
    │   └── user.js    # user model
    ├── routers        # backbone routers
    │   └── router.js  # main app router
    ├── templates      # handlebars templates
    │   ├── login.html # login template
    │   └── users.html # users list template
    └── views          # backbone views
        ├── login.js   # login view
        └── users.js   # users list view



$ make install

Running the app:

$ make runserver

Head to, ou should get something like this:

Take a bit of your time to walk through the diff, and give your feedback.


  • @fqueze's PR #7 is already merged here;
  • known issue: if you refresh the page, you'll loose your current authentication status; storing it through localStorage might be a solution
This was referenced Mar 24, 2013
Mozilla member
dmose commented Mar 25, 2013

Based on discussions in this morning's meeting, we're going to go with something like PR #11 (the minimal Backbone version) possibly with some updates.

@dmose dmose closed this Mar 25, 2013
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