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Web-frontend for aggregated telemetry data
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Telemetry Dashboard

Telemetry dashboard is a presentation of histogram and simple measure aggregates of telemetry submissions. The default dashboard developed in this repository is hosted at

But the aggregated data is also available for consumption by third-party applications, so you don't need to do the aggregation on your own.

Consuming Telemetry Aggregations

Include into your code feel free to use the other modules too. Don't go about reading the raw JSON files, they are not designed for human consumption!

We recommend that you include telemetry.js from, this file is used to access all the generated aggregates. We will undertake reasonable effort to ensure that it remains backwards compatible and continously updated with new aggregates.

Please refer to the official documentation for telemetry.js for instructions on how to use this library.

Hacking Telemetry Dashboard

If you want to improve the user-interface for telemetry dashboard, clone this repository, hack and push the master branch to your own gh-pages branch. Now you can share your dashboard with others.

For local development, the easiest is to run a basic webserver to serve the root of the repository as static files:

cd /path/to/telemetry-dashboard
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Now you can load http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

If you want to add new aggregations, or improve upon existing aggregations, ie. anything that provides data not already provided by telemetry.js then you should look in the telemetry-aggregator repository.

Essentially, the dashboard is split in two repositories, the web-face features in this repository. And the server-side analysis job aggregating data in the telemetry-aggregator repository. The reasoning behind this is to make it easy to fork this repository improve the visual representations of the aggregates and create a custom dashboard hosted on github pages.

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