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This is now deprecated/unused, as of

Functional / regression test suite for amo-validator, the Add-on validator used at


You need Python 2.6 or higher. Then clone this repo:

git clone git://

Install the dependencies:

cd test-amo-validator
pip install -r requirements.txt

You'll probably want to do all of this inside a virtualenv using virtualenvwrapper.

In addition to this command you also need to build spidermonkey from source as detailed in amo-validator's install instructions.


cd test-amo-validator
nosetests --processes=2

Then make a cup of tea while all of those tests run. It takes a while. If you have more than two cores on your machine or you don't mind pwnage, you can try to increase the number of parallel processes used for testing.

The Validator

By default, the HEAD of amo-validator's git repo will be installed. If you want to run the tests against your local amo-validator, install it like this within your test-amo-validator virtualenv:

pushd ~/amo-validator
python develop --no-deps