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About Audio Chat and WebRTC

Ian Bicking edited this page · 6 revisions

The live audio chat is based on WebRTC. This is a relatively new technology, built into some new browsers.

To enable WebRTC both you and your collaborator need a supported browser. As of early 2014 both the released versions of Firefox and Chrome should work, though we have not done thorough testing of the various released versions, and regressions are known to occur.

To see a summary of outstanding issues that we know of with audio chat see this page.

Note that audio chat will not work between some networks. These networks require a TURN server which unfortunately we do not have allocated (and full support for TURN has not landed in some browsers). Unfortunately when the network makes chat impossible, chat will simply not work – we don't receive an error, and can't tell you why chat is not working. See #327 for progress.

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