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Treeherder provides a REST API which can be used to query for all the push, job, and performance data it stores internally. For a browsable interface, see:

Python Client

We provide a library, called treeherder-client, to simplify interacting with the REST API. It is maintained inside the Treeherder repository, but you can install your own copy from PyPI using pip:

pip install treeherder-client

It will install a module called thclient that you can access, for example:

from thclient import TreeherderClient

By default the production Treeherder API will be used, however this can be overridden by passing a server_url argument to the TreeherderClient constructor:

# Treeherder production
client = TreeherderClient()

# Treeherder stage
client = TreeherderClient(server_url='')

# Local vagrant instance
client = TreeherderClient(server_url='http://localhost:8000')

When using the Python client, don't forget to set up logging in the caller so that any API error messages are output, like so:

import logging


For verbose output, pass level=logging.DEBUG to basicConfig().

User Agents

When interacting with Treeherder's API, you must set an appropriate User Agent header (rather than relying on the defaults of your language/library) so that we can more easily track API feature usage, as well as accidental abuse. Default scripting User Agents will receive an HTTP 403 response (see bug 1230222 for more details).

If you are using the :ref:`python-client`, an appropriate User Agent is set for you. When using the Python requests library, the User Agent can be set like so:

r = requests.get(url, headers={'User-Agent': ...})


A Treeherder client instance should identify itself to the server via the Hawk authentication mechanism. To apply for credentials or create some for local testing, see :ref:`managing-api-credentials` below.

Once your credentials are set up, if you are using the Python client pass them via the client_id and secret parameters to TreeherderClient's constructor:

client = TreeherderClient(client_id='hawk_id', secret='hawk_secret')
client.post_collection('mozilla-central', tac)

Remember to point the Python client at the Treeherder instance to which the credentials belong - see :ref:`here <python-client>` for more details.

To diagnose problems when authenticating, ensure Python logging has been set up (see :ref:`python-client`).

Note: The system clock on the machines making requests must be correct (or more specifically, within 60 seconds of the Treeherder server time), otherwise authentication will fail. In this case, the response body will be:

{"detail":"Hawk authentication failed: The token has expired. Is your system clock correct?"}

Managing API credentials

Submitting data via the REST API has been deprecated in favour of Pulse (bug 1349182).

As such we are no longer issuing Hawk credentials for new projects, and the UI for requesting/managing credentials has been removed.