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# -*- coding: utf-8
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import re
import six
import unicodedata
from unidecode import unidecode
def smart_text(s, encoding='utf-8', errors='strict'):
if isinstance(s, six.text_type):
return s
if not isinstance(s, six.string_types):
if six.PY3:
if isinstance(s, bytes):
s = six.text_type(s, encoding, errors)
s = six.text_type(s)
elif hasattr(s, '__unicode__'):
s = six.text_type(s)
s = six.text_type(bytes(s), encoding, errors)
s = six.text_type(s)
return s
# Extra characters outside of alphanumerics that we'll allow.
SLUG_OK = '-_~'
def slugify(s, ok=SLUG_OK, lower=True, spaces=False, only_ascii=False, space_replacement='-'):
Creates a unicode slug for given string with several options.
L and N signify letter/number.
:param s: Your unicode string.
:param ok: Extra characters outside of alphanumerics to be allowed.
Default is '-_~'
:param lower: Lower the output string.
Default is True
:param spaces: True allows spaces, False replaces a space with the "space_replacement" param
:param only_ascii: True to replace non-ASCII unicode characters with
their ASCII representations.
:param space_replacement: Char used to replace spaces if "spaces" is False.
Default is dash ("-") or first char in ok if dash not allowed
:type s: String
:type ok: String
:type lower: Bool
:type spaces: Bool
:type only_ascii: Bool
:type space_replacement: String
:return: Slugified unicode string
if only_ascii and ok != SLUG_OK and hasattr(ok, 'decode'):
except UnicodeEncodeError:
raise ValueError(('You can not use "only_ascii=True" with '
'a non ascii available chars in "ok" ("%s" given)') % ok)
rv = []
for c in unicodedata.normalize('NFKC', smart_text(s)):
cat = unicodedata.category(c)[0]
if cat in 'LN' or c in ok:
elif cat == 'Z': # space
rv.append(' ')
new = ''.join(rv).strip()
if only_ascii:
new = unidecode(new)
if not spaces:
if space_replacement and space_replacement not in ok:
space_replacement = ok[0] if ok else ''
new = re.sub('[%s\s]+' % space_replacement, space_replacement, new)
if lower:
new = new.lower()
return new